Which CMS should i choose

Hi guys, I am planing for a new blogging website but i am little bit confuced about what CMS should i use…can you tell me what is the best CMS for blogging :-

  1. b2evolution
  2. Nucleus
  3. wordpress

Wordpress ,since it is easy to understand and use.

Search the site… You’ll find dozens of discussions asking the same question. The answers are always the same: “Pick the one I use”. You’re not going to get an objective answer.

You’ll get better results by searching independently via Google and read case studies about “the best CMS for blogging” and make sure you get current information because things change rapidly on the internets.

@samartyhsharma; awasson is correct.

Simply asking “which is best?” will not help you or anyone else.

Please provide some detailed information regarding your requirements and any limitations you may have.

Wordpress is the best CMS for blogging site which has thousands of free themes and easy to use.
It saves money and better time management.
It provides greater accessibility.
SEO friendly and improved security.

Wordpress is the best for CMS for blogging .WordPress is both free and priceless .

My vote also goes with WordPress as it is very easy to develop website by using this CMS.

I rest my case… It’s too bad the OP didn’t provide some context for the question because this thread is just going to end up like all “I’m a fan of brand CMS” discussions and won’t really provide any tangible value.

Wordpress remains to be a better option for me on comparing nucleus. I’ve been preferring Wordpress for most of my blogs and found to be flexible in customizing the most common features of every bloggers/webmasters do. Like HTML code, plugins (can find several plugin’s for WP CMS), certainly the pre-designed templates (an easier choice for every blogger, and it just requires a little modifications in it, not as a whole), inclusion of widgets, etc. Guess certain features that are wanted for designing the blog are not available/complicated in finding it in the other CMS - Nucleus.

However, it depends on you in preferring the either one. Look in for the features, upgrades of the platforms and stick to the perfect one that helps your website grow even better.

Good luck!

Wordpress is the best one in that and easy to use.
Wordpress has free and premium website templates.
wordpress has more essential plugins than others.

Respected samartyhsharma,

You should have to go for wordpress because wordpress is very easy way to build your Blogs and Websites. There are many benefits of wordpress for example wordpress is seo friendly, secure and easy to use . So my suggestion is to go for it .


It has to be WordPress!

Here is just a few points why WordPress kicks ass!

22% of new websites are built on WP
WordPress is the most popular CMS, overanking Joomla and Drupal combined!
Extensive supply of free and premium plug-ins; premium plug-ins are good for more demanding websites
Secure, Fast, Stable and Frequently updated
Open Source, can easily make it do what you want
Popular websites that use WP are Smashing Magazine and CNN

I hope this helps you make a decision. Choose WordPress!

For blogging, i would use wordpress, for e-commerce i would use joomla. Why wordpress? Because it is the most popular CMS by far, has lots of templates, plugins (most of them free), a lot of information in the internet (on how to use it), helpful community, and it is constantly improving.