Lightweight, simple CMS only for blogging


I usually build sites for personal/small business purposes so I like keeping it simple - I write markup, write my CSS with SASS, compile it, and write some javascript/jquery. That’s it, so I am not used to deling with a CMS.
Right now I have a client who wants to run his blog on his site, so I need a CMS to allow him add his content without my constant assistance. What do you guys suggest, which one should I go for? I’d rather avoid big and heavy ones like Joomla, Wordpress or Drupal, I’d like something with a small footprint that allows me to keep my workflow as it is without templates and unnecessary scripts and plugins, just good old HTML-CSS-javascript.

Thanks in advance for any input, cheers!

I also have no experience of working with a CMS, so I had a wee panic when a client wanted to add a blog. She wanted something very simple and lightweight, as she only intended blogging once a month, and in the end I went with Chyrp.

@ralphm recommended Perch to me, which looked good, but the client didn’t want to pay for a licence for something she would use so seldom, so I didn’t persue that.

Thank you for the suggestion, going to look into Chyrp. Actually I’ve found Perch earlier, but it’s out of question since average clients already find their websites expensive :slight_smile:

Try Instant Update:


I’ll try it this evening, looks promising. If it is what it’s claimed to be on the website, this is just what I’m looking for., so thank you!