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Want to design an E-Commerce site. Which program will be best for an E-Commerce website? Wordpress or PHP? I don’t have any idea for that program.

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Wordpress is a content management system, which can be used for e-commerce with a plugin such as WooCommerce.

PHP is a language which would allow you to create an e-commerce site from scratch, but it sounds as if you’re a beginner, so that’s really not the best way to go.

There are very many systems - paid and free - created specifically for e-commerce. Many of them have free trial versions you can test to see which one is most suited to your requirements before committing yourself. This post is rather old, but it might give ypou a good starting point for further research: eCommerce Software / Systems

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WordPress cannot be responsible for designing a E com website.
there are several other tools available on Web,you can even take help of one of the website designers,designing website is `a critical thing,it is the most basic and important marketing tool of your business,PHP is much better option.
WordPress is a content manager as mentioned above…

Thank you very much for your nice advice! Now I’m searching on youtube for learning how to build up an e-commerce website with WordPress?

To create a functioning E commerce site in PHP would require a lot of work from an experienced PHP developer. Yes, of course it can be done, and if done the right way would probably be better than any Wordpress solution.
But this is probably not the best course of action for anyone who is not an experienced PHP developer.

Maybe not WP alone, but I believe there are E commerce plugins available for it, which may be an easier option, depending on the OP’s abilities.

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Hello Sam, Nice to hear you, thanks. Maybe you can suggest me for better solutions. I have no idea about website building, that is not a problem. I can go with a good developer for it. Just suggest me what should I choose? WP or PHP? Thanks again!

It seems there may still be some confusion.
PHP is a programming language.
WordPress is a CMS application that is written in PHP

You could choose an application written in a language other than PHP, but for simplicity assume that PHP will be the language.
The question then becomes, should the application be written from scratch or should an available application be used.

There is no one-size-fits-all “best”. You need to carefully and thoroughly consider what your requirements are.

  • cost?
  • familiarity?
  • Core features?
  • customizable?
  • support?
  • security?
  • maintainability?
  • extensibility?
  • etc.

Many choose to use WordPress with plugins, and it does “work” but that might not be what’s best for you.

I suggest you search for “ecommerce platforms”, install a few in a localhost server on your computer and give them a try.


Hello Mittineague, thank you for giving me a nice idea. I’m going to do it first. My requirements are customizable, maintainability & security. Thanks again!

If you’re going to hire a developer to build the site, would you not be better to tell them your requirements and let them recommend the best platform? It seems to me somewhat strange that you are trying to make this decision with a very limited understanding of the options.

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I have no choice for that. Because I have needed very early to develop my website for my business purpose. Of course, I will ask them my requirements. If they meet my requirements then I will hire them. Thanks.

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