Wordpress and E-Commerce

I am just starting the creation of a wordpress forum to be used with e-commerce. I figured I would start a discussion thread here and chart my progress and ask for suggestions. Has anyone built an e-commerce website from scratch based on wordpress?

I am thinking I will use this:


Not sure if I undertand the question… if from scratch you mean that I’ve created a brand new store using a plugin, yes I did.

If you mean if I created my own plugin, no, I didn’t

The thing is that while I tried many plugins for this, none of them were what I wanted so… At the end, I removed them all.

So you created an ecommerce wordpress site from scratch without using a plug in? That is interesting. How did you do it and what resources can you recommend I look at to learn how that is done?

So far, I have tried wp-e-commerce but, after I installed this plug-in, I went to click on “settings” for this plug in and it told me that I did not have permissions to use the settings option. But I am the admin of the wordpress.

What do you think?

I have been told that the best known is WOOCOMMERCE. I might try that next.