Now days which platform is useful for E-commerce Business

Could you suggest which platform is better for E-commerce bussiness. Wordpress or Magento.

Without more information, it’s pretty well impossible for anybody to answer your question. The choice of software will depend on many things, including the size of the store, number of products, budget, experience, etc.

And there are many more choices than simply WordPress (which will require a plugin) or Magento.

We have a fairly recent list of available software here:
eCommerce Software / Systems

You may find something more appropriate to your needs there.

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There are over 500 different ecommerce platforms, and that doesn’t include addons for general purpose CMS’s or blogging systems like Wordpress.

As Technobear says it really depends on your precise needs.

For E commerce business Magento is best CMS

Sorry, but that’s really not a very helpful reply.

Two people have said they feel that the choice of software depends on the exact needs of the site/business. You clearly feel differently, and believe that Magento is the best choice in every circumstance, so please take the time to explain why you think that.

A one-line opinion with no other information is of very little help to anybody.

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For ecommerce site Magento is highly recommended but in case if you are not selling more then 50 products, you can use wordpress. For multiple payment and shipping option wordpress is not a good solution.

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