Can i use wordpress to build my e commerce site?

I have used Wordpress for building some blogs. It is very easy to use for blogging purpose. Now i am thinking to develop my e commerce site with Wordpress. Is it a right option? or i should try Magento or any other platform?

WordPress can be used as a CMS platform to build an e-commerce site. In
fact, it is one of the most widely used and user-friendly platforms for

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WordPress has a number of e-commerce plugins such as WooCommerce which are very good.

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You can surely use wordpress for building your eCommerce site as it easy and most popular platform. But Magento is also another great platform for building an eCommerce site due to its navigation and all other things.

I recommend you go with the wordpress as it is very user-friendly and easy to use. You should make your website in wordpress.


You can certainly setup a working ecommerce on Wordpress. As others have mentioned, the WooCommerce plugin does a good job at it, and it is likely to improve over time, as Automattic recently bought it.

However, do not expect great speed performance. In my experience, a Wordpress+WooCommerce website is likely to slow down over time as you install various WooCommerce plugins.

Things get even worse if your website is multilingual via the very popular WPML plugin. I found the WooCommerce + WPML combination to be very sluggish, and I am not the only one; just Google “wpml woocommerce slow” :slight_smile:

At our agency we are now considering dedicated solutions like PrestaShop and Magento, which might be less familiar and customizable than Wordpress, but they perform better. Our plan is to use Wordpress for the blogging part (which is what it does best) and install either PrestaShop or Magento on a subdomain (say

Hope this was helpful :slight_smile:


Hi saleforcedev,

Currently I am using the wordpress for my eCommerce website and I am very happy. I am using many of plugins of wordpress for example

All in One Seo
Wordfence Security
Contact Form 7

These plugins are very helpful for me.

My recommendation to you is to use WordPress CMS.

Hi saleforcedev.

Wordpress is the best option building e commerce website. If you want to built e commerce website you can get free but premium quality e commerce wordpress theme. Find it @ KopaTheme .


Vivek Sinha

Magento is much better architected and flexible than WordPress but it is very complex with a lot of abstraction. Also, I would highly recommend usign Magento 2 over 1. 1 is pretty dated but 2 uses a lot of modern patterns including dependency management and dic.

Hi saleforcedev.

Yes, of course according to me you can definetly use WordPress for eCommerce. It offers easy to use admin area so you can do all the changes very easily in the backend. Moreover, it is easier to integrate plugins for adding features to a WordPress site. So it proves good for eCommerce as well. But as Magento is still preferred over WordPress for eCommerce. Although, slowly many eCommerce websites are moving towards WordPress as it offers a good CMS platform where you can have blog section and other added features that may not come with Magento eCommerce. If you detail your requirements, I can help you decide which one will suit the kind of eCommerce platform that you are trying to create!

Kaspar Lavik

As you have used WordPress before so you must go for the WordPress option because Magento or any other options are comparatively complicated so you’ll need an expert for this. Also, WordPress has many attractive themes, just pick one premium e-commerce theme because it has built-in payment gateway. You have to just order an SSL certificate for security purpose. And WordPress plugins are the icing on the cake after all :slight_smile: