Does Twitter Work for Promotion?

Has anybody had success with twitter in regards to site or business promotion?

With some sites, yes. But always remember quality > quantity. Try searching for friends with some of your keywords in their name, and make sure those people have a decent following>to>followers ratio (so there’s a better chance they’ll follow you back).

Say your keywords are “easy online loans”. Search for that on Twitter, click on users that have recently posted tweets containing those keywords, and add them if they have a decent ratio.

Tedious, but if you have the time, why not.

Yes it will really work if you get good amount of relavant followers. Thanks,

SitePoint uses it promote their sales and giveaways. It seems to be effective for them.

I think Twitter has helped many companies become successful and sell more products or services, but it’s not something that’s going to make you money overnight (unless you already have a large following or lots of traffic) and people aren’t going to follow you or care what you have to say unless you’re providing value to them in some way.

In that respect it’s not too different from using email, although it certainly allows you to interact better with your list.


I believe it is a great tool, but just one of many. As someone else said, make sure your followers are in the same niche as your site.

It works, but the problem is I get bored with it. Like anything, you have to want to do it to make it work. I find that twitter seems like a lot of chatter I don’t have time to spend on.

hasn’t worked for me personaly. think its over hyped

it does get boring…

hasn’t worked for me personaly. think its over hyped

The reality is, it has not worked for anyone, other than the major businesses. But, h e l l, they can put an ad in a small town newspaper and still make money, so…

And, yes, it is overhyped.

It is very time consuming. And I agree that twitter gives a good traffic. As long as you do the right way upon promoting your business in twitter.

aah man i think i need to learn how to use twitter as i don`t know how twitter works :((

Well, i will keep trying…no matter how boring it is…lol.

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Let’s all help each other out with following.

I’d rather help those who use their brain.

i have over a thousand follower in twitter i didn’t get much traffic from it…

I knew someone who did, yet, I haven’t fully realize weather it’ll work for me. I guess, there are some strategies we should be aware of.

as they say.“patience is a virtue” and that is what we all need in this business that’s for sure,but I am a believer in the tweety bird,it does work but you have to be smart about it,for if you tweet just to advertise people will give you the big see you later,but if you are tactical with your tweets then you can get thru to some people on what you r trying to sell for sure


twitter is very effective in promoting blogs… Twitter is viral…

I think twitter would be great in some situations, for example a music band to keep fans in the loop. I wouldn’t bother with it too much but may look into it some time.

Twitter is good for those who know how to use it. For example, I have 2500 followers but I do not receive morethan 10 uniques a day. That is pathetic…