How do I gain genuine followers on twitter?

I didn’t want to go hard on the hashtags, and keep promoting my site all the time.
How can I reach people?

Take a girl’s name. Put a real nice look girl photo and follow 5-10 boys ugly boys, :slight_smile: simple

Haha, thats actually not a bad idea

Personally i use a program called Tweet Adder 4, then i go search for example “i love icecream”, then if my site was about icecream i had a lot of ice cream loving people, then i go in the program and just follow a ton of people, then many follow back. im getting new followers every day with this program

You must add new interesting posts regularly and follow your relevant profiles, this will help you alot.

I think you should post relevant information regularly, just like posting videos and photos to keep them interested.

That strategy will KEEP followers but it won’t get them in the first place.

As HungryLama suggests, following or RTing people in your area of interest is probably your best strategy. Search for existing groups and hashtags and start to disseminate interesting info.

i suggest you to provide relevant info regarding your website theme and follow relevant users profile and you can also try to update news in your account which can also attract users to follow profiles. all the best

Hi Josh, welcome to the forum.

I am off Twitter at the moment so that I can focus on Google+.

Here’s my approach when it comes to building a genuine following or relationships on any social network. As other members have mentioned, post quality stuffs to your stream. However, doing so will not get you far if you don’t have a lot of followers. Apart from posting useful tweets, follow and interact (replies, retweets or even asking them questions) with people who are responsive on these social networks. Once they get to know you better, they will then start to follow you as well. With this, you can be sure that you are only getting genuine followers.

Of course, just like ice-breaking sessions with strangers, it is not easy to find someone that “clicks” with you. Some may take a longer time to evaluate your profile and tweets while some will follow you back right away. Be persistent, be genuinely interested in other people and you will start to see a slow and steady increase in REAL followers.

Hope the reply above is useful, Josh. Feel free to ask me questions.

Every Celebrity in Hollywood got no same kind of fan following, It just depends upon their Fame and Awesomeness!! This same theory is applicable for any kind like our business or website…! Its just simple, followers just come with a simple information which the seems interesting…! Hope got my point…

Look for the top players in your niche … see how they are playing their game … notice what their flaw is and capitalise that.

In social media there is only one key for success and that is consistency.

Hi lalit7552, welcome to the forum.

Personally, I feel that it is better to learn from the top players rather than trying to spot their flaws. These top players usually have a team or huge monetary resources to help them with their social media. Usually, this will mean a lot of testing on what works and what doesn’t. If you look at their social media activities, it is hard to find any major flaws. If their strategies are not working, they wouldn’t have more followers and interactions than you, right?

Increase your presence on twitter…follow like minded people
retweet their tweets,
try this for 7 days.Definitely they will look at your profile and if they find you useful then they will follow you…

Along with those answers above, try be famous with your writings or showing them something interesting…! People these days love FAME!

Hey Wayne

Not agree with you. They all have some kind of flaw, if not than they would not update their service and all.

Yes, I am agree that they have the freedom of monetary factor but if you want to be notice than you need to bring something new on the table.

It is actually one of the best practices to keep posting new updates to our social network profiles. No?

Yes, I agree that we need to bring something new to the table but a lot of times, that comes from seeing what works rather than finding flaws (most don’t share their mistakes so looking for them from an outsider’s perspective can be time consuming). Anyway, it will be great if you can share with us an example of you noticing a flaw in what the top players in your niche is doing and applying it to your own social media efforts. :slight_smile:

bother just use your brain… if somebody sends you friend request what do you see in his or profile to accept it…just follow this theory. Read other people’s mind. Do work like human being not as robot because all profiles on social networks are of human beings. I think I made myself clear.

There are so many great ideas. I would like to learn more about Tweet Adder 4. I wonder if it really can help.
What about find minded people and retweet their tweets, it tried this thing out, and many of people looked at my profile and than follow me. I guess it can work!

You can follow some niche related peoples and after 1 or 2 days mostly peoples will follow you back. and also those peoples which are not following you than unfollow them.
Put your twitter profile badge in all of your websites or blogs.
Post regular tweets or posts.

^ Seems legit! Not getting into that program, but the idea of searching for those people that has an interest for what you are offering and follow them, would be the best way to gain genuine and ever interested people/followers for your account.