Does Twitter Work for Promotion?

yeah. I am having nearly 50-60 visitors from twitter for my site. Some of them are also turned into my customers.

Twitter have helped a lot of famous people to share their ideas with the publice.But will it help for promoting sites. I think when we post a link on twitter more of the followers will never listen to it. I think it is not helping much to improve site traffic !!

Twitter has very big power of their viral effect.
But to be successful over there, it takes a lot of time. A lot.

it’s really work for me and i don’t know it’ll work for you…because i have a ton off followers

I think it depends how well it is done and your target audience to be honest, I’ve found the results to be pretty varied.

It depends upon you, you have to work hard to market it properly. Twitter is a hangover these days.

That’s right, I agree with you!!!

I think twitter is way over hyped for business use. A good social tool. That’s about it. However, I have a couple of twitter accounts that are tied to my blogs. I do get some traffic from my Twitter pages because they show up well in Google searches. With that said, if you automate twitter it can generate some traffic with no additional work. Nothing spectacular, but ever little bit helps.

You will get no Google juice from those twitter pages, sadly.

For me twitter is very helpful for traffics promotion but i hear some where that if you have good number of followers then you can get also quality backlinks from there.

I am newer at twitter so till now i saw that twitter use nofollow for all links.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah you are right but today there are many spammers are there , and thus ruins the environment of twitter.

I think it will work. We just got to have the right followers and what we are sharing and discussing about.

Not really successful for me but I believe the reason lies on having the right followers who are really interested to what you tweet in that particular niche.

Most of the people who own a website or a blog are using twitter for promotion purpose as twitter has large number of followers.

“Most”? Really? And you know this because???..

I created twitter software in january of 2008 (its now discontinued due to not having enough customers to maintain it.) I found that most of the time all my accounts were suspended overnight! My conclusion is that you cant fake it… You have to play the game the way twitter wants it played and slowly build a following.

I did find and test this website though:

Their free service is WORTHLESS!!!
Their paid vip membersips are WORTHLESS!!!
there was no geo or keyword targeting your tweets just get sent to the entire generic list.
no affiliate program offered

However I tested the $19.95 one time fee to send a tweet to over 160,000 people, and I was impressed! It seemed to take about 6 hours before the tweet was actually sent but when it was my website got about 800 unique visitors in a 20 minute time period. I made 2 $57 sales out of it and only paid 20. I use it regularly now…

Check it out if you want to CHEAT… haha I mean just get right to sending tweets to a big list of followers without all the hard work and time to build your own following.

Hope this helps you.

Thank you, karantears for keeping it real.

You can target people’s interests at You can easily get targeted people for your niche on twitter but it all depends on how you go on with your tweets for these people to become customers.

Even if we get followers what is guarantee that they will follow us on website?

The best thing to promote on Twitter is to have a tool that may update all your followers on what you are doing to your website. Also the more followers, the better to be successful to promote it.

I think like any marketing activity you just need to be patient and not expect any sales, more an awareness of your product or service which will ultimately lead to sales.