How to increase the Twitter followers

There are a lot of websites, which claims to bring free twitter followers on your website. But, most of them bring irrelevant, and even fake, twitter followers on your account.

But, the following are the top 3 websites to bring free twitter followers on your account:

  1. Twiends

  2. Traffup

  3. Add Socials

I would like to add the youlikehits in this list.
now there are four in the list.

  1. Twiends

  2. Traffup

  3. Add Socials

  4. youlikehits .

Are these site free or charge for followers?

They are free and paid. They are all based on some credit system where you earn points/credits/seeds for being active on them. If you don’t want to be active (follow others,retweet for others,etc) you just buy points and add your tweets or your profiles

yeah i m using Twiends it works… And totally Free !!

I will have to check these out. Thanks for the ideas, I have been stuck on the same number of followers for awhile and would like to expand my reach on Twitter.

Only Twiends works great
Twiends get me 1000 followers overnight

And how many of those followers did anything with your postings [click, retweet, comment, message to you, etc]

I think couple per cents - no more. They aren’t targeted.

What is the use of having 1000s of followers who are not retweeting your post? is it worth to spend time on these type of websites??

So then what’s the point?

Exactly,when there is no re twitting on your website then what is the use of this service. Somewhere I can accept that it is the best way to promote your website. But when there is no twitting then it is of no use.

How can you say that these sites Twiends, Traffup & Add Socials brings only relevant traffic which turns into revenue? I don’t think so such kind of website brings only relevant traffic. Have you any solid proof which tells these site brings only relevant traffic?

i used twiend for sometime increased by followers but its not generic…people often stop following after some time.


Do you have site for increasing Facebook likes?

But I am getting a great profit from twiends… i gets 50 to 80 follower per day… Whenever I post any new activity/post to my website, I get lots and lots of visitors… gets even more

Thanks for the short list, I was unfamiliar with Traffups. I’ve been using Twiends for a while now though.

Yes, I am also use Twiends and its effective to me.

twiends is brilliant i got loads of followers from it .

Frankly,i use twiends ,youlikehits and Traffup to increase my twitter followers.I think they are so wonderful tools to get generate many followers for me.