Does the speed of my website have anything to do with my hosting provider?

I created this website not to long ago. It doesnt contain a lot of plugins or code, so it shouldn’t be slowed down a lot. I run the webhosting through Siteground (Denmark). I run Sitegrounds SG Optimizer cache plugin. The website is I’ve run some speedtests on the site, and it seems to be quite slow. Especially on mobile. Could this have anything to do with the Siteground hosting provider? Do you know what the best alternatives are for northern europe?

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You don’t say which tests you’ve used, but if you try, it will show you a drop-down arrow next to each item it lists, which gives you more information on how to fix those issues.

I’d suggest you try that first and see if it helps.

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Wordpress is not known for speed.

Supposedly if you go to a “dedicated” Wordpress host it will improve speed. I do not know if this is true or not; so you should do some research before changing.

Pages load fast on my fast broadband. Pingdom (link) reports 652ms load time of the home page in Frankfurt.

However, looking at the page source, there is an incredible amount of code for a simple web page, including an amazing number of HTTP requests for stylesheets and external scripts.

Usually slow speed is due to large image files but for the home page the images are only 14.53% of the page size.

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