Wordpress Website speed is too slow?

I am a beginner…I’ve created an affiliate website before 5 months ago with the help of Wordpress. But the website speed is slow. I’ve tried alot to improve website speed but still the website speed is not aimproving. I installed Wp Rocket Premium Plugin and also Smush plugin for Image compression but no the speed for desktop is 80+ and for Mobile it is only 60… Can any one from support team guide me how I can improve my website speed? Thanks,

Have you run your website through any of the online website speed checkers?

Yes, the screenshot which I attached is the result score of Google Page Speed Insights.

Well then, Page\Speed Insights gives you some clues as to what to fix, doesn’t it?

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You might also want to tell us if you actually installed WordPress yourself on a host or are you going through something like WordPress.com.

But there are a slew of reasons a website can be slow. Some in your control and some not.

  1. Images - Images are usually the number one thing that slows down a site. You said you have Smush compression, which is good, but if you are smushing an image that was 10MB and smush it to 2MB, that is still a problem.

  2. JavaScripts - These are usually number 2 biggest asset. It is easy to write a bunch of JavaScript that grows to 100KB plus, is not minimized and then including a bunch of them instead of consolidating it into 1 or 2 files. Also make sure that they are embedded at the end of the body if at all possible (or deferred using the defer keyword)

  3. WordPress Plugins - Plugins can really slow a site down. It is so easy to install plugins so people can install 20, 30 or more plugins. Each of these plugins run their code on each page load, sometimes when they don’t even do anything with the page. They also often include their own JavaScript and CSS files which leads to the problem I describe in number 2. I try to advise my clients to keep plugins to no more than 10. Be very choosy with your plugins.

  4. Webhost - If you are on a web host, sometimes the host itself is just really slow. Sometimes their “Time to first byte” can be dreadful. This is the time it takes for a request to be received and the first byte of the website to be sent back. Some webhosts also do caching on their side and some do not. Look at your host and see what they might have in the way of caching and speeding things up for you. Sites I know that are good for hosting wordpress include Siteground and Bluehost. But there are many others equally as good.

Ultimately the online speed checkers are going to tell you what you need to do with individual assets or settings, but in the WordPress world some of these are managed for you. So look at the things listed above first (things you can control) and maybe one of them will tell you right off where the problem is. :slight_smile:

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