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what is a problem? I have a website on wordpress CMS. I use themeforest kuteshop theme. I already tested website on google speedtest and used its recommendations but site still need 8-12 sec to load.

Hi @neskaeska and welcome to the forums.
Do you have a link to your website? Otherwise it is a bit difficult to know what might be the cause.
My typical guess is that there are some external script requests at the top of your page that are delaying the loading, but there could be 100 different reasons.

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Hello @neskaeska
Compress Images
Minify HTML, CSS and Javascript
Cut Down on HTTP Requests
Optimize Database Tables
Use a Great Caching Plugin

Hi @neskaeska,

Did you try WP Performance Score Booster plugin yet?

Post your site URL for more assistance.

Also be sure to run the kuteshop through the Theme Check plugin to ensure it contains no backdoors.

There are many factors. It could be the resources of the web hosting such as RAM and CPU specifications. If you use a shared hosting, it could be other site is being trafficked overload. Instead, you can check what theme your WordPress is using. Consider to reduce using plugins, or maybe too heavy images and scripts.

Post your site URL for more assistance.

Not really any way to guess without running WebPageTest (or similar tool) against your site to see where slow downs occur.

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