WordPress Site Wait Time Slow, 5 seconds +

I am running an extremely slow Wordpress based business wesbite. Our website is hosted by a 3rd party web developer company (basically acting as the middle men between us and the web host) and only they have access to the FTP Client/Server. They are insisting that our website is running slow due the the theme we are using (Astra) amongst other things like large image sizes and a slow Domain Registar.

I have reduced the image sizes in our website considerably and also switched out the theme to something basic like ‘Twenty Nineteen’ but this has had little to no impact on speed - I cannot get the Homepage for example to load quicker than 5 seconds.

This was their most recent response:-

"We looked into the site earlier in the week but didn’t come to any specific causes to the slowness other than, when we deactivated the theme, it speeded back up again. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the theme specifically – it could be some incompatibility with Woo and the theme but needless to say, it stems from the theme. We believe there’s a component (or components) in the theme that are not php 7 compatible but finding them is like finding a needle in a haystack without spending lots of time – which we could do for you but we would need to levy a fee for doing so.

My tip for you is to check the site on Pingdom tools – run it on the homepage and then a few of the inner pages. This will then tell you the most hungry (or borked) resources on the site – then you can hunt them down and either fix them or replace the. Head on over to pingdom and see how you get on."

Website URL: https://www.bramleyengineering.co.uk

The are the current results on Pingdom Tools and Google PageSpeed Insight:-

Pingdom Tools

Some advice or the root cause of this would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks

If you run your site through gtmetrix you’ll find it gives you a list of things that need attending to.

Edit: If your web dev company can’t tell you this, they need sacking :taped:

Thank you. I was not informed of gmetrix by our web agency.

In some ways you are limited to what you can do by Wordpress as it is basically slow due to it loading lots of code; much of it you do not need.

From the results from gtmetrix you can see there are still some images that can be resized. But I doubt that would save a lot of time.

I am not a Wordpress expert but is caching turned on? You can get plugins for that as well as plugins to try and tidy the database and tec. I tried some but they didn’t seem to improve things but they may work for your site.

I think the only way to get a faster site is to ditch wordpress.

EDIT: You could convert your site to a static version and that may increase speed. But this means every time you change something it would need to be uploaded. If you do not change it very often this should not be a problem.

It looks as though your web agency is using Elementor, which is a drag-and-drop page creator for Wordpress. This, too, will most likely create inefficient HTML and CSS which will slow down your site.

I wouldn’t expect any professional web developer worth their salt to use a drag-and-drop web page creator. It is a tool for hobbyists.

Actually, you can see more and more web developers using Elementor and similar tools just because it makes their work faster. But I agree, you still need to know what you are doing and how to build a site without messing up its performance.

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