Site loads significantly slower after WP conversion

I’m in the process of converting a HTML/CSS site with some light jQuery work over to WordPress. I’m just a few pages into it and already the WordPress version of the site is performing dramatically slower than the non-wp version. I’m not even using any plugins yet.

What would cause this? Is it just the heavier php files that cause WordPress sites to load slower?

Could it have anything to do with the host, the database, etc.?

If you don’t use a caching plugin then the PGP and mySQL has to run to generate each page every time. Once you install a caching plugin you will be able to cache copies of the pages and only rebuild them occassionally so that the site will mostly work as fast as the static pages did.

Thanks, Stephen. I will definitely try a caching plugin.

Does the host have anything to do with the performance of a wp site? I have a wp blog on my own website, and it seems to perform fine compared to my non-wp pages. The site I’m having this speed issue with is a client site, with a different host. The non-wp pages are lightning fast, while the wp stuff is very slow.

Hopefully the caching plugin will help, but I still can’t believe that this particular site runs that much slower just because of wordpress.