Sure SEO Strategy: Multiple C Class IPs

[CENTER]Definite SEO success with Multiple C Class IP hosting[/CENTER]

Hello readers,
I haven’t really contributed anything concrete to this community till now so thought of sharing this valuable little SEO trick with you webmasters. Just to make it clear in the beginning, this trick isn’t really meant for the newbies with $200 in PayPal who call themselves SEO specialists and web entrepreneurs. This trick is only meant for the larger players who are really serious about ranking for keywords and beating their competition.

The reason why I said this isn’t suitable for newbie webmasters is because this requires A LOT of patience and hard work. You won’t be seeing instant results and hence it might start discouraging you. Experienced players of the SEO industry know how everything functions and that patience is the best virtue hence they’ll wait and keep working till they finally start seeing some results. Trust me, if you’ve got the patience and determination to hang on, there’s really no other SEO technique that can show you results as surely as this can. Multiple C Class IP hosting is one technique that is a 100% worker! There is no scope for failure here and hence it is preferred by webmasters all over the world.

Now enough of beating around the bush, I’ll just get to the explaining the main technique:
What are Multiple C Class IPs, what is the whole concept behind these?[/CENTER]

Each IP is divided into 4 parts demarcated by dots (“.”):

The CCC comprises the C Class of the IP.
For example, if the IP address is:, 118 would be the C Class.

Earlier, web masters used to create websites and blogs just for the purpose of Search Engine Optimization of their primary website. What they did was, they would create a blog, post a few keyword rich articles on it and post backlinks to their primary website all over these blogs. These would really get them some high search engine trust and make the primary website rank for highly competitive keywords!
Google discovered this and got sick of it, BlackHat SEO artists were all over the place spamming the internet with these dummy blogs and websites for the sole purpose of S.E.O. To get rid of this problem once and for all, Google’s spam filters were updated to not value links from websites hosted on an IP in the same C Class as the primary website!
That’s right, now these webmasters had one BIG problem staring them in the eye:

[CENTER]“Where the hell would they get IPs from different Class C IPs from? “[/CENTER]

If they wanted to buy IPs from their datacenter, they’d have to purchase whole blocks of 256 IPs for each C Class, but there would be ONE more problem:
To get these IPs, they’d have to give some sort of justification to ARIN, SEO is not considered a valid reason!
So, getting these IPs from the datacenter where their servers were hosted was out of question, one possibility would be getting hosting accounts from many different web hosting providers across the globe, however, this would become too complicated and difficult to manage and also expensive since monthly payments to each of these hosts would have to be kept in mind, each website would have a separate control panel and hence all these websites couldn’t be managed from a single place and also, the whole process becomes a bit too expensive since you’d be spending nearly $10-20 per month on each host.

Now when everyone was racking their heads and pulling out their hair to look for a viable situation, SEO hosting companies like, and sprang up. These companies were like lifelines to these webmasters who were on the verge of killing themselves for not being able to figure out a way to beat the Google Spam Filters.

[CENTER]What do these SEO hosting companies do?[/CENTER]

Well, instead of us having to buy packs of 256 IPs for each C Class, these SEO hosting companies purchase huge amounts of IPs giving some stupid reason for justifying the necessity of these IP blocks to ARIN. After getting hold of these massive amounts of IPs from various C Classes, they just sell them out to webmasters like me and you. Hence you get a dedicated IP from a different C Class for each of your websites/blogs. You can now go BIG with SEO for your primary site with these blogs and websites.

[CENTER]I’m a total newbie, I want to learn about this method.[/CENTER]

Alright, relax. I’ll teach you. Let’s go through this whole process step-by-step so you understand better.

Since you’re a beginner, let’s start off with 5 different blogs. Don’t chew more than you can eat, so keep it small but keep it SURE!


For these 5 blogs, register 5 different domains. Some tips on choosing these domains:

Prefer getting hold of older domains since they have higher trust rank and can rank easily in search engines as compared to the newly registered ones. You can purchase old domains off or from users on webmaster forums.
]Try picking a domain with a keyword in the name
[]Make sure the name is relevant to the niche of the blog
]Prefer .com domains over other extensions. Avoid .info domains at all costs.[/LIST]


[list][]Sign up at a Multiple C Class IP hosting provider’s website. Some recommended providers are:
] (A company, quite well reputed)
[] (The cheapest available, pretty reliable too)

[*]Let us assume you chose, the cheapskates that you are, you’ll obviously go in for the cheapest option. Buy the 5 C Class IP package for $20/month. Now create accounts for each of the domains on each of these 5 IPs.


[list][]Install WordPress blogs on each of these domains. You can use any blogging software however I’d recommend WordPress.
]Create Banners for each blog, you can hire a professional to do it. You can get cheap designers for $10/banner.
[]Optimize the blogs by adding tags etc. Use all the easy SEO techniques you know.
]Build a few links for each of these blogs. You can outsource this job to some company like Spend about $30 per blog for directory submissions, blog commenting and similar techniques.[/list]

Once your blogs are all ready for a launch, it is time to actually start feeding them with quality content and articles.

[]Post 2 keyword-rich articles each week on each of these blogs.
]Each article should be about 400 words long.
[]Keyword density should be around 2-4% which means your keyword should appear about 8-16 times in the article.
]Keep your keywords evenly spaced out throughout the article.
[]You can hire a professional content writer to write up your articles. Most content writers charge about $15/article.
]Hyperlink the keywords in the articles with the URL to your primary website.
[]Push in backlinks to your primary website wherever you can but just don’t make it look spammy.
]Submit each of these articles to Social Bookmarking websites such as propeller and You can easily expect about 50-60 visitors a day on these blogs from Social Bookmarking websites.[/list]

Once all this is done, your Search Engine rankings will slowly and steadily start improving and by the end of 3 months, you would be ranking even for some competitive keywords! The potential with this technique is immense, you should just be willing to work hard enough, be patient enough and shell out enough money for this to work.
If the job is done right, there is no chance of failure!

You will be getting some decent traffic on these blogs and also some nice PR and Search Engine rankings. So why not monetize all this traffic and SE ranking to gain some extra cash.

[list][]You can put up Adsense ads to monetize your incoming traffic.
]You can sell text links and Blog Posts on webmaster forums(like this one) to other members who own websites in the same niche since their backlinks on your website would do them good.[/list]

All I can now say is BEST OF LUCK, get back to me if you face any kind of difficulty using this technique. I’m quite a friendly and helpful dude, you know?


Recommended Multiple C Class Hosting providers: (Highly reputed since it is a enterprise) (Cheapest, Reliable, Highly recommended by me) (Too expensive)

ha…stoopid then

i have images and signatures turned off when viewing the forums or i might have picked up on that :slight_smile:

You’re going to dig up a two year old thread to question someone who has forgotten more information than you have learned?.. very brave, or very stoopid.

He hid some cookie stuffing with an image in that reply. Just a drive-by spammer trying to earn commission from anyone that signs up for the “SEO hosting”.

I am sorry but this is so so not true…

Google doesn’t care who is the owner behind a domain or website…

The only thing that matters is your IP ADDRESS …I have 4-5 sites under the same whois name ranking for the SAME GROUP OF KEYWORDS since last year till now…

The only difference is that they are under different webhost and thus different IP address.

MYTH BUSTED. Thank You :slight_smile:

I have never heard of this method, but I will look into it. Thank you.

Using different C classes, and even B classes is definately preffered over just having a shared server with all your websites on it linking to each other. The search engines can pick up on the fact that all these sites that are linking to each other are on the same IP! They will dock you bigtime for this.

What I do is I have 2 dedicated servers, both have one IP each, that hold the majority of my sites, and I have a few ‘shared plans’ for 5 bucks a month where they are just the home package from These shared hosting packages each have different C classes, and what I do is put my general feeder blogs on there. The general blogs have articles about anything and everything, and is basically the dumping ground for everything that I cant find a place for one one of my other sites.

These feeder blogs have links to each other, as well as many of the sites on my dedicated servers. If you want to get real adventurous, put your feeder sites on completely different ISP’s and you will be using different B or even A classes. Many people use a site as a feeder site and that works as well.

Excellent post! Thank you viratshah.

SEO-Keyword Question??? Is there an easy and free way to generate relevant keywords to help with search op? Thanks Katrina

How is it that everyone is so certain about the idea that Google greatly decreases the value of links from sites hosted in the same C class or even the same IP? Yes, it’s easy to detect and I’m sure it’s taken into account but I’ve got nearly 20 sites that were ranking around 10-20 in the SERPs for their targeted keywords until I optimized the cross linking between them and now nearly all of them are #1 or #2 for the keywords I used in the anchor text. All of these sites are on the same IP and I know for a fact that the only relevant change that was made before the sites moved from 10-20 to 1-2 was my optimizing of the linking so this jump wasn’t due to other sites linking in or a Google update of their index. I know it wasn’t due to a Google update because the’ve held their 10-20 spots for about 6 months, then only 2 weeks after I made the link changes, they jumped in their ranking. These sites all have links from many other sites but nearly all of them link using the domain name and not the target keywords so I know that they don’t play as big a role as the cross linking of these sites to each other.

Also, I can launch a new site on a brand new domain, link these 20 sites to it and the new site will have a PR of 3 within a couple of weeks, without links from any other site.

Based on this, I don’t buy that Google significantly reduces the value of links from the same IP unless perhaps the only links you’ve got are from sites on the same IP or IP block.

Interesting and well documented post! Multiple class-C IP addresses aren’t necessarily required for this to be proven beneficial. Also many Web hosts now provide multiple class-C IPs for an additional price and make it a really easy job on your behalf.

I have a large network on just two class-c and ten total IPs and get lots of SE traffic.

Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s the same with my sites that are hosted on one server and sharing the same IP’s and I see no penalty. I have other sites, spread across IP addresses and they don’t do any better than those on the same IP.

The purpose of this strategy is to trick Google into thinking the sites are owned by different people to give higher value to the links.

Google is an ICANN-accredited domain registrar and has full access to the WHOIS database.

Google knows who’s the registrant of every domain, and what name servers the domain is using.

Google knows your sites have the same owner even if they’re on different IPs.


It’s also a great way to get your sites banned as well. If you haven’t done so, i strongly recommend you read the post above yours.

Just a little FYI: I have recently become aware of ViratShah, and apparently he is the owner of

How did I become aware of him? Well, the owner of indianets contacted me, accusing me of comment spamming his blog, at which time I supposedly called indianets a scam, and suggested we are cheaper.

I did a little research and discovered that Virat Shah had signed up for our affiliate program earlier today (his account has been canceled). I was able to compare IP’s from the person joining today along with the IP from the comment spam to see it is the same person.

Just thought you might be interested in the kind of business tactics this guy uses.

Lloyd Brown
Director of Business Development

Targetting different C class servers has been around for a while Interesting way of taking this further

Your opinion is what I’m afraid for a long time already. Are there any observations that Google really considers whois data of domain names when estimates value of links? What about if I put privacy protection on?

I am confused over all the C Class or not IP stuff.

I was thinking of signing up with seo-host but if they are just buying and reselling this then they lied to me as i ask them this and i was told they own their own servers and run them.

I have a VPS server account now with 25 sites and 25 IPs only two different C Class IPs the rest are different D Class numbers.

seo-host points out the each C Class IP they offer has its own RDNS and each has it’s own name server.

When talking with my host they showed me that i can set all my IPs i have now to a different RDNS and i can make a different name server for each IP i have all for no extra cost.

My big question is.
If i do this with my non C Class IPs making them all have a different RDNS and name server will that help me out any?

I do want to point all my sites to each other to add back links.

Any more information on the C Class stuff is it needed to make back links work or not.
I may want to offer back links from my sites to others but they need to work for everyone.

Going with C Class IPs will cost a lot more $$ but if that is what is needed to make the back links work then i will have to find a way to get into this.


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