Web Hosting also effects SEO?


I am completely new to SEO. I have seen many people looking for SEO based hosting. They talk about Dedicated Class C ipaddress.

It sounds weird that hosting servers can also effect SEO, is it even true? If yes how?


Whats with Class C ipaddress then?

Inorder to stop spamming SE check the server hosting your site. Two site from same server are viewed as one and the linking importance to one another is very less. This will effect in the backlinking building of the website, thus resulting in poor SE ranking.

What role does C class IP address plays?

In the era of spam, many webmasters started creating multiple website on same server and linked each other to increase the sites backlink and ranking. Search Engines identified this issue and started avoiding links coming from similar IPs – given its easy to get different D class ips on same server, Search Engines also started avoiding Links from same C Class IP. So when Search Engine see that you’ve a link coming from same C Class IP on which your website is located, the backlink will not have any importance. Please note you’ll not get penalized if you’ve link coming from same C class IP, but you’ll not get any advantage either. So if you are doing the link exchange specially if you don’t have your own server, do check if the person you are linking to has a different C class ip than yours.

Class C IP address are IP addresses ranging from to and it Supports 256 hosts on each of 2 million networks.
Class Full Network Architecture

ok so will it make a positive difference if my Ips are A and B class?

Only if you’re trying to spam Google. If you’re not, you don’t need to worry about it at all.

No? Unless you’re on a server that’s blacklisted by the search engines, then you should be fine.

yes, the IP location, uptime, most important

Yah web hosting also effect SEO services. Use of good web hosting services. If you are using local hosting then you face server down problem. It is ways no one time.