Does A Blog Help You Out?

Hello All!!

Being somewhat of a newbee. I am to the point where I need to start thinking about Blogs.

First of all does having a Blog help you out with Google

Second do I have to start my own blog or can I use someone else in my niche?

Charlie (other003)

Blogs help a lot with unique and regular content. It is easy to set one up and no matter what kind of site you have they work. For any static site I have I either have a blog on the same domain or I will have 3 feeder sites that are all pointing to that one static site.

Search engines like beginning content, accepting a blog on your website allows you to accumulate abacus beginning agreeable which will advice your website get crawled abundant added by Google and added seek engines.

Yes, a blog definitely helps you out with Google and it can be very beneficial to your Business if done correctly. Remember that people like good information, so don’t simply use it to sell your Business. Use it to teach your potential clients and let them learn to trust you.

Internet Marketing changes all the time, so to maintain it would be a nightmare. Plus, new interesting techniques come out all the time that make older stuff less appealing. No doubt blogs are a great way to make your sites popular and bring your k/w’s to the top SERP…now a day web 2.0 blog sites are popular for the blog posting…

Having a blog will help if you actually use it. I he seen so many websites that start making good blog entries, but fade out after just a month. As long as you stick to it and write original content that people want to read it will help a lot.

Yep blog is a must, is the best way to upload new content + in some niches it can bring tones of traffic (like internet marketing)

Having a blog for your site would definitely be of good help. you just have to remember that your blog should contain unique and or original contents.

yes, blog would definitely be of good help. especially if it is on your own… though making a blog is time consuming… it would be worth it

Getting a blog for your site is a great idea, updating blog with quality content shows your expertise in your niche, and shows what are you capable of. Another advantage of having a blog for your site is Google loved unique quality content, frequently updating blog get high priority in search engines, which means traffic, traffic is equal to sales and sales are equal to green, :lol:

Blog is one option you can use to gain web presence. I suggest that you try to exhaust all the resources and not just concentrate on blogs. Try Directory Submission, Articles submission, social networking etc…

My suggestion, ‘blog will make you stand out’ is only related to the topic here and doesn’t mean that blog will solely helps you stand out to your business. :slight_smile:

Blogs are only of any use if they truly provide something of use to the visitor. In on-line advertising terms a blog must appeal to an actual human customer or you’re wasting time and effort.

Search engines like fresh content, having a blog on your website allows you to keep adding fresh content which will help your website get crawled much more by Google and other search engines.

That is correct. This is why you should focus on writing fresh content at least once a day for the best results. You will have so much information, you can sell your own e-book.

A blog is great as long as you have the time and the content to post regularly

I recommend blogs, with google picking up on your fresh new content. This gives more weight towards your page.

Blog will help when you update the content regularly.

Yes, a blog can be very helpful, but be prepared to put in a lot of time and effort…

Having a blog allows you to write lots of different topics with different keywords that people can use to find your site, and it can also help people understand your product/service.

However, you should also put in some effort in “marketing” your blog as well (to get higher ranking from Google)

first think of what type of blog you wanna make…starting from the basics is the first thing consider