Is a blog important for a website?

Is a blog important for a website?

Hi Brothers,

I found some websites have blogs within the site. Do I really need a blog with my site? I have unique content in all my pages. So if you have unique contents do you really need a blog?

If you really need a blog then do you have to have unique contents in the blog posts also?

I am really confused here. Why do you need a blog when your website contents are unique?

Hey guys please don’t get angry with my questions. I am really new to this online staffs.

Thank you in advance.

Blogs work really well for some kinds of website, but are totally irrelevant for others. Whether you should have a blog will depend on what you’re using your website for, what kind of style/tone you use, and how much time you can give to keeping it up to date. Having a blog is certainly not essential, and while it can help engage your visitors if done right, if done badly it can do your online reputation more harm.

There’s no point in adding a blog if you’re not going to have the time, energy or subject matter to keep it going. You should be making regular posts, probably at least every week but try to keep them regular, or else people will lose interest and assume that the site is not being updated. If you don’t think you can keep that up, don’t start it.

In addition to the good advice Stevie has given you, I would say that you definitely do not need a blog. There might be advantages to blogging for certain types of site, but it is in no way essential.

If you are already on the road to creating an interesting site with original content, then you should focus on that for now. Think again about blogging once you have got some more experience.

Also, there’s no question of anyone being angry with you for your question. I do sometimes see questions on forums that make me a little angry, but yours isn’t one of them. Keep asking your questions: it’s the best way to learn.


depends on what type of site you have. If you’re a product creator it might be a good idea so that you can drive traffic through articles/videos/podcasts etc.

You can find thousands of websites which get constantly updated with fresh, information-rich contents and still not having any kinds of blogs and doing very well. There is no must to install a blogging project on your site to add fresh materials to it. As long as you use standard HTML codes to make pages that would be easy to reach for people and search engines, you can choose the way you prefer to upload the materials.

Some people believe that by adding blogs to their sites, very quickly their homepages will reach the front pages of Google for their selected keywords, especially when they read some success stories posted by famous bloggers online. They seem to be wrong because they have forgotten that the quality of contents is the main issue in here, not the CMS projects types selected or what platforms are used to publish contents online.

I suppose to ask that also…im creating my web pages for my online travel agency…im thinking also about adding the blog,if its necessary. but hearing this, maybe not. thanks

Since Google loves Blogs, this is a plus point for website reputation. Internal blog become a great way to create contents while the website don’t have new materiel to show.


  1. website updating
  2. traffic
  3. website health

Yes ,you are right google loves blogs so if you want to gain traffic to your web site so you have to post blog into your site.Just do it and then see the result.Good luck for your site.

Sorry, but this is not strictly correct.

Google does not “love blogs”. What Google “loves” is well-written, informative blogs with fresh interesting content. If you are prepared to put a lot of effort into a blog, it will probably pay off. But just adding a blog for the sake of it is a waste of time.

And it’s definitely not true to say that “if you want to gain traffic to your web site so you have to post blog into your site”. A well-written blog is one of many tools that will help promote a website, but there’s no “have to” about it.


Others have said it.

I think a blog is great for content and spreading your keywords across multiple pages. Writing interesting stuff, not content around your keywords.

If your site is content based anyway and it doesn’t remain static, I don’t think you need a blog because you are posting fresh information on a regular basis. If you are just adding new products to the site and things like that then yes, maybe you want to create a blog that reviews these products if you get my meaning.

Totally agree with Mikl, a well optimized blog for search engines (with different plugins like All In One SEO Pack for Wordpress) and above all with quality content (well written, original, and with useful information according to our product or service) that will help us moving up in searchers.

But just including a blog in your website and copying news from other sites won’t improve the searchers results.

A blog takes work, and a well done work usually gives success.

Where do you get that from? Sorry, but it’s nonsense. Google doesn’t love blogs any more than other types of website. Google loves websites that are regularly updated with fresh content, but that doesn’t mean it has to be in the form of a blog.

If you don’t have any new material for the website, how are you going to fill a blog? Putting a blog on your website doesn’t automagically generate content – you still have to write the content. And it has to be in some way relevant to the rest of the website, and written to a good standard. Simply adding a daily update of “I like pink kittens and it’s raining and I’m going to have sausages for my tea” isn’t going to help your website one bit.

As I said in #2, integrating a blog as part of your website strategy is a big commitment. If you have a personal blog and you don’t update it all that often, it’s no big deal. But if you have a business blog and you leave it til there are weeds growing through the cracks, it will reflect very badly on your whole site. If you can’t be sure that you will have the time, energy and supply of fresh content to keep up regular postings, it’s dangerous to add a blog to your site.

Blogs are not the only way to get fresh and quality content. In fact, I think I’d go so far as to say that the majority of websites that do have fresh and quality content are not blogs.

When they are used well, blogs can really enhance a website. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that they are a bad idea, not at all. But if you’re just using them as a gimmick to try and boost your search rankings, you’re probably using them for the wrong reasons and you won’t be using them well. In those circumstances, it could really backfire on you.

Thx a lot guys for your answers. I asked same questions in other forums also. But I got best answers in this forum only. I guess this is why you need to be member of different forums.

What I understand from all of your post is – it is not about blog rather it is all about fresh and unique content. I need to have/add fresh and unique contents and my site needs to be updated regularly. So I don’t find any reason to keep a blog with my site if I add fresh unique content and update my site regularly.

Thx a lot guys. I have some more questions and will ask soon. Need to clear all my doubts before I jump on my link building process.

Thx again everybody for answering my questions Specially Stevie and Mikl.

thx Mike…this is what i m doing now…asking questions in different forums…reading reading reading and learning…thx a lot mate…

Hi Guys,

So I don’t want to repeat already said things but I have to point out that some of people managing business websites find blogs as a great tool for easy onsite SEO as they write an article using a keyword and from that point they find it easy to link those pages from their footer area. Anyways, I will agree with some of the members here that claim that a blog can be a good thing for your website as much as it can be a bad thing, depending on how frequently you update it. Also, whenever writing a blog, keep in mind a few things like :

  • High quality content ( content which when you read it, you will get the idea of what it is about)
  • Content that gives good advises and brings something new for its readers (Informative)
  • Consistency of writing new posts (each day, each week)

These last things should be the only ones in your head. Sometimes I would tell a person to forget about search engines while writing a blog as it makes harm to his creativity as he will probably think to write article that will be acceptable for SE but not for actual humans, for whom it is initially intended.

I think the big thing were missing in this conversation is Social Media. If you have a well written and frequently updated blog not only will google and other search engines pull in these posts which will help your web SEO but it also gives you the chance to spread it to your social media outlets and pull in visitors from there. Not to mention the benefits if another blog decides to re-post you blog on their website (which gives you a nice backlink). Agreed with the above, a blog alone will not help your SEO, but it’s meant to pull in foot traffic and really benefits from social media.

A big part of SEO is how long a user spends on your website, so the real question is - do you have the kind of content for your blog that people will spend their time reading? Maybe even reposting, sharing, and spreading the word?

Google doesn’t specifically love blogs. What its search engine loves is actually well-written content that’s fresh. You might have said “blog” because you thought that it’s the only way that you can update a website. An article counts as content; A news story counts as content; An infographic counts as content, and so does a video.

I agreed with you that having a blog on website is good idea to increase a website rank as Google preferences new and quality content so by set up a blog on site you are providing good and fresh content to users.

Its going to depend on the niche for your website honestly. Its definitely a great addition to most websites and gives people a good reason to come back. You need to make sure that your posting good quality content though.

Also blogs generally look pretty good to Google if updated regularly.

Non sequitur.

A blog is a form of content. It is not the only form of content. Yes, Google prefers sites that have regular fresh content, but that doesn’t mean that you have to do it in the form of a blog. There are plenty of other ways that you can regularly add new or updated content without it being a blog. Don’t get carried away with the buzzwords. If having a blog is a genuinely good idea for your site, from the point of view of you as site manager and your visitors then add a blog. But don’t do it just to please Google, because if you’re doing that then the chances are that you’re going to be going about it in completely the wrong way, and it will be a total flop.