Does Blogger work for anyone

I have had a site on blogger for years and yet I can’t get anyone to show up is Blogger ever a good site to have a web page at or should I just start a new real website. Thanks

blogger can serve you a purpose to host a temporary info site however you should always consider to own your domain and use blogging just for backlinks

Thank you.

Blogger is usually for hobby sites when people want to have 0 expenses.
Also is used sometimes by SEO advisors to build cheap support sites and presence.

Blogger is an awesome way to practice… I have a couple micro niche blogs that do well with adsense, having good content and backlinks.

Any blog sites work for better result if we provide something interesting and unique and related information to that topic. And if the content is not related to that topic then any site will delete it.

I have been using blogger since three months.It works fine for me.Not only posting,submit your blog to blog directories & do SMO for the posts also.

My experience with blogger has always been very positive. With proper SEO of blogger blogs, they are the most easily ranked ones. One particular reason being hosted on Google’s own servers.

I have 2 or 3 Blogger blogs for EACH one of my websites. I have different information on each of them and have found they are great for backlinks. Remember to alter the html to take out the defaul nofollow tags though!

I agree with prcys, whether it’s free or your own domain… you just need to come up with good unique articles in order to attract someone to interact with your post… Keep on posting informative and unique content, build relationship with other bloggers by commenting at their post and do other basic seo stuff and you’ll see some improvements… Good Luck

It does work for me. However if you want to sell something or be more profy go with your own domain.

Blogger is great though I wouldn’t use it for any sensitive topics such as ‘make money online’ ‘adult’ or anything else … Google will drop it without warning … should you get a manual inspection and violate their TOS