How does Blog Commenting help?

Is blog commenting really helpful and if so how? What are these Do follow blog comments and how are they helpful in blog commenting??

Hi Dorothy.

Blog commenting drives traffic from other blog owners and each time you leave your website address in you comment you get a backlink to your site.This will over time help your site to rank highter with the search engines and you get a better rank.

If you are posting relevant comment on blogs with your site link, that will be considered as a back links. But you need to post it on relevant niche to your site.

If you write an interesting and relevant comment you may find that people click through to your site and have a read of it. I often do that when someone has written something good on one of the sites I regularly visit.

Blog commenting is a good contribution to build link juice to your site. Once the do-follow links on high traffic blogs go live when approved, you will experience improvement on traffic, backlinks, Alexa and link popularity as well. Just always be relevant in posting blog comments, do not spam.

Blog commenting is very helpful because you can create backlinks there. But be careful in commenting. Be sure that your comment is in quality post like your comment must be base in the content and it shall be relevant to the blogs you commented.

Beside getting quality links and traffic, it will help your blog post to rank high in SERP

Yes it helps in three ways.

  1. You get free backlinks
  2. You get free visitor
  3. You get subscriber (If your blog is informative)

It is very very helpful especially if you want to get backlinks or google juice to other blogs.

Blog comments help you to optimize your company’s website. Through blog comments one can build quality one way links back to your site.

Blogging commenting helps with link juice, also helps if you make a comment that connects with many people, you can drive traffic by leaving something interesting for people to empathize with.

I do agree with you. Blog comment is a good method for getting good baclinks and traffic to the site as if it is done with high PR do follow blog with leaving your link as a comment.

By posting relevant and great comments on Blogs, You will get a number of profits. You will have free backlinks (For SEO), New visitors to your site (If you comment is awesome), Connections (You will get connected by Blog Author and its community) and lot of things.

So, Where ever you find something interesting and you have a nice opinion. Post comment there.

For me it’s still the no1 way to get in touch with people and attract attention to my blogs. I comment on the articles I like and my comments bring in some visitors, step by step. It also shows your quality as a content creator, if you’re also putting some thought in your commenting.

There are three ways blog comments help you:

* Blog commentators will use the same key phrases in their comments that you used in your blog post. That will mean more instances of the keyword on the page and therefore you are more likely to be found for that key phrase.
* Blog commentators will also use related key phrases that you didn’t use in your blog post. That will result in your blog post being found for key phrases that you didn’t target.
* Thirdly, some blog posts, like forum posts, appear as separate pages in the search engines. Note that I said “some”. In order for your blog posts to appear as separate pages they’ll have to be threaded and coded just so.


what do you mean by help? Help the blog entry or help you as an audience?

I mean if you are the blog owner, depending on the settings, comments can actually add to the content itself as far as search engines and of course it can add keywords too. So that way it helps the blog entry.

If you mean “help you” as in promoting your site, then it depends on the blog. If it is doFollow comment, then definitely yes especially if it is high ranking blog.

Blog commenting used to be a lot of help before. Most of the blogs right now are no follow and it will not do any good to your sites. If people weren’t abusive of the do-follow blogs then blog commenting will still be a good idea of link building.

Getting links from dofollow blogs is a totally headache. They are hard to find, and sometimes comments are hard to be approved.

There you have it…

Commenting increase your backlinks