Blogs are really helpful?


When you have these many sites available for the information you need , then why does one needs blogs and if they do need it then how does it increases the visitors ratio to our website.


A blog is just a website where content is organized chronologically. It is not more or less needed because of that.

With having a blog, it is easy to update it regularly with current issues, new hot topics,most searched keywords and you can easily add your views and share them with people with just a single click. Websites will need you some programming skills.

Also when you have different good topics to read at one place and if you optimize your blog well you will surely get a good traffic

Blog like a online magazines if your blog is popular then it will helpful to increase visitors. otherwise blogs are not useful when u create a blog u should promote it as you promote any website.

There are many ways how blogs can be useful like you can earned money with it through adsense or selling links… And in having a websites it can also help to bring traffic to website. But of course blogs should also optimize too… And you can also advertise any products from your website using blogs!

Blogs are really very helpful and they can create immense traffic if the content would be exceptional and remarkable then we can create more traffic.

yes,it can take some traffice to your website

Check this link to know the why blogs are really helpful

hi …blog posting is really helpful for the one who are doing for an seo purpose…

Blogs are helpful because you’d be filling it with more and more content over time which drives more traffic to your site and if your content is good you’ll also have visitors coming back.

Yes noticed that the more relevant content you add the more visitors you get

yes blogs are very helpful for my blog seo. I was create this in December 2009 and when Google updated 31 December2009 then I got its rank 2 and high traffics…

why blogs are helpful is because firstly it helps you to continuously update your content something that you can’t do on your website. discuss many hot issues relevant to your work and lastly the most important is to allow your customers to provide you feed back on that. you get a chance to hear their voices.

I have a site that sells template so for me blog is really useful because I can just post whatever updates I have or every time I have a new template available I just blog about it.

Simple as that!

Yes. Blogs were really helpful to promote you stuff online.

Yes, blog indeed is a big help to market your website. By creating fresh content it is a source of many posts to social news and social media web sites. You can use text, audio and videos that attracts incoming links. Comments and trackback features in blog software encourage interaction. An active blog community creates the kinds of citations or signals from other sites (annotated and contextually relevant links) that search engines tend to reward in the rankings. Loyal blog readers can boost a site’s visibility through advocacy on other blogs, in forums offline at conferences as well as on their own blogs and within the comments of your blog.

That was a really interesting session out here about blogs where in i have learnt many things about blogs. I am definitely gonna start a blog now and i am really helpful for your feedbacks.

Dorothy. :slight_smile:

I think Blogs are the best way to explain your views about the niche you are working in.

Blog will improve ones creativeness and it make us all the writers.

Well my impression is that blogs creates content in a easy way which is the reason why it helps for SEO…