Decreasing backlinks

I’m doing a off page SEO for 3 sites and every month I’m doing my monthly report. I noticed that their backlinks decrease but the serp was improving.
What should be the best thing to do to increase the backlinks of my site ? I’m always doing Link building like directory submission, SB, Forum, blog, classified ads, Q&A etc…


i have found the same result for the same…

but use analysis & webmaster tool for daily updating as well dont stop making external links…

if you find out something new ideas then just let me know…

Yes I know that backlinks that Google shows is not exact but most of us ask Google about the details of our site, the PR,backlinks and the SERP. So Google’s result is the best for our site. I’m just asking about my backlinks because I base in Google when doing my report and not from any search engine.

Backlink counts changes depending on the search engine. Say Google backlinks change more often now because of their new indexing algorithm and it doesn’t directly affect a webpage target keyword rankings (as observed in my website).

Sometimes, you don’t have to regularly track on them especially if the quality ones (those authority sites that link to you) still are indexed as your backlinks.

Yes backlinks that google shows is not exact, try yahoo site explorer or any free backlink tool like spyglass. Also some backlinks might be from blog comments and similar stuff which may eventually decrease over time. so always link from these low quality links to your web 2.0 properties which in turn link to your site

Thank you.

The number of links in Google Webmaster Tools is only a sample and not the actual count.

Google: Webmaster Tools Only Shows Sample Of Links

Yes… I decrease backlinks maybe it because of the Google Panda now… But my rankings are still there and 2 of them are increased…

Thank you for your suggestion. I now starting using the webmaster tool.


I know gurus say back linking is a must and some outsource back linking work, but I find it difficult to keep track of my back links. The numbers seem to come and go, especially with Google. It’s like a Google back links dance.

Since the numbers yo-yo I have stopped fretting about them. I just get on with doing a decent job and not worry about the back link numbers. I might not have a couple of Lamborghinis in the garage of my palatial home, like some of the “gurus” seem to have, but at least I make a decent living without getting ulcers.

The yo-yoing does trend upwards, so over a longer time span the numbers look steady.

There is no way of knowing how the number of back links changes over time. I don’t know of a single online resource that provides you with consistent and reliable results. Since your organic search ranking results are improving, your back links must be increasing and that’s all you should care about.

I saw the same effect: lost nearly half the number of links referring to the webmaster tools, but in Yahoo site explorer the number increases. I wonder what Goo. does?
Fortunately serps seem to be unaffected.

Thanks for techniques that you’ve shared to me. As what you’ve said I’m always participating and social media.
I’m doing off-page optimization only so I don’t have the authority to change the content of my site or to add a new page.

Thanks for your idea guys. I hope through reading your ideas will help me to improve my strategies on how to bring back the back links that has lost. :shifty:

Try to bring quality backlinks for your website. Bookmarking in dofollow bookmarking sites can be beneficial but again check if the bookmarking site is authoritative or not. If there is a lot of spam, avoid submitting your website. Forum posting is a good option but don’t make it spammy with irrelevant replies or replies like thanks for the post and so on. Blog posts can be beneficial but make sure that you write an unique and informative post for blog. Q&S sites can be helpful but don’t add links in each and every post. Keep it natural.

What matters is where you appear in the search results. If that’s improving, does it matter that you’re losing some of your backlinks?

Not that the places you’ve listed will do you much good anyway. Directory submission, social media, forum comments and blog comments will carry little or no weight with Google, so there’s pretty much no point in using them either to improve your link profile or to attract direct traffic. Paid links (ie classified ads) must be marked as rel="nofollow", so they will attract precisely zero googlejuice.

If your improving just keep doing what you are doing. If it ain’t broke??

So if DS, SB, Forum, Blog, CA, Q&A etc… are not good or not enough…so what should be the best way that I can do so that backlinks of my sites will improve?

When you say your backlinks are decreasing, is this through Google webmaster tools? If so, I’ve noticed the same thing. A large percentage from one site has ‘lost’ backlinks which were shown in GWTs.

Links on reputable sites in areas of authorial content. That’s what gives your site credibility, both to readers and to search engines. Anything that can be easily manipulated will be easily manipulated, and so search engines don’t pay to much attention to them - but to get links given by other respected websites, your site has to be worth linking to.

if you are getting improvements in your SERPs, means you should be about…if your keywords stuck at some position and do not change its place better is starting more work on specific keyword…change some activities for that keyword to check whether getting any change or not.

Start guest posting, gives you a quality back links.

As jannet1 said better go to your competitor site. Better select the right keywords for your site otherwise check whether you have chosen popular keywords that are familiar among the searchers. Read the rules thoroughly before giving backlinks.