My Google Backlinks continuously decreasing?


Backlinks to My Websites is continuously decreasing . in past one month my Backlinks Count in 3,000 but when i checked it today google webmaster is showing me 1500 … can anyone tell me why???
i have checked other Online Link Checking tools … all of them is showing different count please Suggest me any Suggestions how to tackle it??

[font=verdana]The reason that different sources give you different answers is because no one site is guaranteed to have crawled them all, or updated their index when those links disappear.

If you are seeing the number of links decrease then it is probably because sites are removing them … which may mean that the sites themselves have been taken down or restructured, but more often it is because they are cleaning up their sites. That suggests that you’ve probably got (or had!) lots of low-quality backlinks that are little more than self-generated spam, which is what sites usually remove.

If that is the case then your problem is not that the links are going (because they are near-enough worthless anyway) but that you had the links in the first place…[/font]

Let me give you example. If you post a comment in blog’s latest post then your comment will appear in recent post, Featured post, and at home page and in latest comments section, After a couple weeks that post will no longer be in recent post neither in home page and nor your comment will appear in recent comments section. So at the first place you might be receiving 20 links that after a week will reduce by 10 or 15.

I am Doing Directory Submission at that time…from past one month i am Concentrating on Blog Commenting and Forum posting … so it is possible that the Directory in which i have posted links is removed ??? …and i haven’t use any tool to submit directory …all work is done manually…so all my work and time is wasted???


Why? I’ve lost track of the amount of time we’ve spent telling people not to waste their time commenting and posting if they’re only doing it for SEO reasons … any links you get are practically worthless and can be removed on a whim.

and i haven’t use any tool to submit directory …all work is done manually…so all my work and time is wasted???

Credit to you for doing it all manually and not using any kind of automatic submission (because that really won’t get you anything worthwhile) but I’m afraid you probably have been wasting your time there.

The basic principle of SEO is … any link that is easy for you to get is also easy for other people to get … Google couldn’t care less about those links, because they don’t mean anything.[/font]

So, I have to Submit Link to that directories which have PR of 4-10 right?? is that useful to get High PR Backlinks…what are your Views if i submit Link to Forums and Blogs is that helpful?

Check the sites that you have linkded to are spammy or not. IF they are spammy google will not consier as backlink.
Do guest posting of some good quality content it will give you good backlinks a boost in the search rankings
Also focus more on off page activity like blogging and social media to get more and genuine traffic

There are two reasons of decreasing the no of links. First, either links are getting removed or uncached from other websites. And, second, google is devaluing low quality, spam links. Different sources show the different result as they take reference form different sources

[font=verdana]Where did you get that idea from? First, PR means diddley-squat these days (and has done for years). Second, even if the front page of a directory has PR5, the chances of your link appearing on a page with more than PR0 is tiny.

Link directories are worthless for SEO, with the exception of DMoz. Read the last paragraph I wrote again.[/font]

So, tell me What is the best way to get High Quality Links?? what should i have to do bring back my Keywords to first Page???

here is another question :

I have a Domain in past but it got expired. if i renew that Domain, can i get the Backlinks associated with past domain to My new Domain. is this possible??

Unless the domain has expired very recently, it is likely that Google has dropped it from its index, so any links or reputation it had will have been lost. If you renew the site and redirect it then, as long as the new site covers the same kind of content or service, you will get the benefit of those old links … but bear in mind that it will be like starting from scratch with them, it will take a while before Google notices that the old URL has come back to life. And any site that has been linking to a dead site for all this time is probably not one that takes a lot of care over its links, which means that those links are unlikely to be ones that Google is interested in.

I am totally agree with this. You have to renew old domain, serve the same content and
service and wait till all urls get indexed then redirect to their respective new urls to get the benefit of old link.
It will get partial value as many links might be got removed as no one like to link their webpage to dad url.

Here is a Question i have checked the pages which are indexed by google…and i found that they are mainly Category Pages not the product pages. can anyone explain why???

Check if your product pages have not duplicate content or blocked by robots.txt, or noindex meta. Add product urls into sitemap and resubmit into webmaster tools. Check if your product pages getting static link from category pages or not.

I’m not sure about this, perhaps you get back links from sites that Google considers of low quality. The big G don’t like to consider links on sites that they believed don’t give anything valuable to its intended audience. Many blogs and forums, for example, have anti-spam measures that delays (or rejects) comments with or without back links. Blog comments usually takes time until it gets approved by moderator. Some anti-spam programs are so strict that even genuine comments can be rejected.

Why not try to get back links from good quality sites or sites that are considered “authority” by Google? You may get high quality links there. This is not necessarily mean high PR sites. Or it could be that your competitors are competing for the same keywords and for the same SERP category. There could be other reasons behind other than these things.

thanks for Clarifying me …can u tell what should be the best Strategy for SEO in present time?

If you are trying to get super fast results, I’m sorry to say that’s is not easily done these days. Google Panda and Penguin updates came in to make sure you are not going to manipulate their SERPs in a way that go against their rules. I’d say you should go White Hat. This all about quality. You make good-quality content that is interesting to your customers and relevant to the niche you are operating. Keywords are to be positioned carefully and avoid stuffing your website with too much keywords. Proper keyword density is to be observed but this seems to vary or it depends on the situation (some say 4% and below are safe).

You can submit back links online en masse. But the focus is on quality building, not quantity. Trying to achieve over 1,000 back links a day can send a red flag to Google. Google is very aware about mass link submission software. For them, this technique is unnatural. Google wants third-party sites to naturally link to yours.

But White Hat takes a long time to give you the desired results. But it can saved your site from future algorithm updates. Just make sure that your White Hat tactics wouldn’t be seen as Black Hat by Google. Other web owners are just lucky. Perhaps they managed to put their links to a SERP category with less or zero competition. But there could be other reasons. Try observing why other sites are so successful in staying at the top all the time.

The easiest ways of getting quality links are gust posting, broken link building and searching for related websites that have a resource page and asking if you can have a link there.

Many students of our eCommerce course are having amazing success getting traffic through their blogs. They are writing interesting content that people want to read and share with other people (not content about their products). They are joining Google+ Communities and developing a following of like-minded Twitter followers. Every time they post to their blog, they tweet and Google+ the posts, too. They have links to their web store from the sidebar of their blogs and also run a banner at the top of the blog about a sale or coupon code on their website. Many people are telling me that their blog is now the #1 referral source to their eCommerce store.

Please remember that when you become active in social networks, that you need to post links to other things besides your own articles and you need to “re-tweet” or +1 things other people have shared. We all know people who only talk about themselves and I think you would agree that you try to avoid those people in life. Share other people’s stuff and engage with them. They’ll be happy to share things of yours when you post them!

This could be due to panda or penguin hit.