Why my backlinks gets decreased?

i have got 600 backlinks before 6 months now im only having 250 backlinks only
and my page rank went form 4 to 2 and then to 3

can someone explain it clearly?

First of all, try not to get too wrapped up in your PageRank. It has very, very little to do with your actual ranking in the SERP anyway. The largest benefit of having a higher PageRank is that Googlebot will increase the frequency and depth of crawling/indexing your website.

Your backlinks are going to fluctuate on a regular basis because those other pages might be dropped from the index for a variety of reasons. Maybe the website was shut down, maybe Google shut them down, maybe they simply removed your link, etc. There are tons of reasons for their website to change and to no longer link to your website.

Link building is an on-going effort. However, it’s useful to keep in mind that if you gain links by making people want to link to you by doing things like writing good content, then you’ll be much less likely to see this level of fluctuation with your links. On the flip side, if you are trading links or essentially having a hand in the building itself then your links aren’t loyal because you had to ask for them and you’re going to have problems keeping them around.

thanks jeff

Your links are removing continuously.If you are doing link exchange which is very bad idea leave.As Jeffwalden said link building is an ongoing task.you should get back links on daily basis and do not leave this practice.It is not a matter if you get oe or two links on daily basis.

i think you should check your backlinks,maybe some of them are broken.

I guess you need to implement a perfect strategy plan for SEO on your website. Backlinks can be generated from various sources, link exchanges is not the only way. Ofcourse it has high value of importance but still other sources can also be effective enough.

Maybe because your links from other sites were just only temporary.

I can’t help but get wrapped up on the page rank. I feel that is the only pay out in doing all the link work and improving content.

One, maybe your backlins are broken. two, the backlink you put are dofollow then, and now the owner design them nofollow. So I suggest you should add your backlins everyday.

you don’t have control on your backlinks some of your backlinks might be removed by webmaster whom you exchange link with and besides your backlink srategy should be continuos

Have you checked the time limit of the links you have? Are they permanent or temporary? Or have you linked to bad neighbors? Maybe it is just some google dance or so. Just keep on bulding more quality links.

As jeffwalden had said, as I agree, PR has a lesser impact in SEO. Actually it’s just a bonus. Most of the webmasters optimized their sites in order to have higher rankings on serp. If you do the same thing, Im sure that your site’s pr will increase too.