My websites back links are fixed

Hello friends,

15 days before I posted one thread that Google is decreasing my back links day by day…And many of them gave their views. Thanks a lot for helping me. Now I am facing one more problem. My back links are fixed to certain number neither they increasing nor are they decreasing. And I am continuing doing the link building process. And Google is not counting the links which I have been making now…As it is updating in Google webmaster tools … no link is added by the Google…
Please suggest me…:confused:

Google is not decreasing your back links but the inbound links you have are going to be deleted from the web pages.

Maybe the links you’re getting are rubbish.

You should have some patience. This is a normal scenario in Google. Maybe you should wait till the next Google Update to see some changes. Meanwhile it is better that you keep on building some quality links for your site.

Try to target some new sources always for Backlinks.

Scenarios that cross my mind right now is “Page from where you got a link is not being crawled, so your link was not found”. In addition I would suggest you not to bother with your link count number, but rather concentrate on building good quality backlinks from relevant websites and measure your link building process with your current SERPs, as long as SERPs improve you are fine, even tho in webmaster tools the link count is not increasing.

Google updating the backward links quarterly (once in three months) so it is not possible that the links you making just now will count as backward links by Google immediately and it is also not possible that all links made by you will count as backward links, Google counts some of them. So wait for next Google update.

Good Luck!