Please help- Backlink stopped

I have been working on my site’s SEO since few months no… I did directory submissions, blog commenting, social bookmarkings etc and there was good number of backlinks (say 20-30) added everyday… but now it has suddenly stopped at 460. I’m working just like I used to… but backlinks are stuck with the same position…

Any suggestion on this???

You mean you are continuing to build backlinks but the total isn’t increasing - where? Google Webmaster Tools? Or some other site you’re using to check them?

Is it the latest links which are just not showing up yet, or is it some of the earlier ones which have started to disappear?

Yes the total number is not increasing as it used to increase earlier… It sometimes increase by one or two and again decrease and again increase and so on…
I have used different backlink checker tools like smallseotools backlink checker .

It seems new one are not getting added like it used to earlier…

Have you tried checking that your backlinks are still in place? One of the problems with backlinks which you can obtain easily is that they may not be very stable.

Frankly, I’d stop worrying so much about the backlinks and instead invest your time in improving your site content. That will have a longer-lasting positive effect on your rankings than the kind of low-quality link building you describe.

My mind don’t want to accept that still people are using technique’s (directory submissions, blog commenting, social bookmarkings ) which are consider as bad or spam SEO practices after the Google algorithm update. Change your focus. Stop counting links. Build natural links for your site because they only help your site to move upward.

This issue the person who makes that thread is dealing with may have to do with the fact that the number of links had not been updated yet upon checking them.

What do u mean by natural links? Sorry if I sound dumb… actually am newbie to this…

You don’t sound dumb to me. It is confusing.
“Build natural links”

“link building” is SPAM and they are not natural.
Natural links are links others put on their sites because they want to link to the content at the other end and are not “built”

link building is not SPAM, but link scheming is

According to Google, the following activities are link scheming – not link building:

Buying or selling links that pass PageRank
Using automated programs or services to create links to your site
Linking to a site for the sole purpose of getting a link back
Building a link networking for the purpose of linking
Large-scale article marketing or guest posting using keyword-rich anchor text
Buying advertorials or articles that include links that pass PageRank
Creating & Distributing Press releases with optimized anchor text

So link building in sites that have content very relevent to the page you are linking is not SPAM

So u too say social bookmarking and directory listing is no more effective?

yes nomore, methods like forum posting, article and blog submission with content related to your link, blog commenting in dofollow, related blogs, are more effective methods

Directory Submissions and Blog Commenting are not reliable source according to me, as blog commenting mostly get spam or delete by the moderator and majorly Directory Submissions are Pending for approval, when they get approved no one knows.

As per the Social Media is related it is a good source, but may be the social media sites also doubt you, or may be one has reported your post to social bookmarking sites. It is better if you analyse your site, and check your previous back links whether they are still active or not.

But rest of the methods show the results slowly… any suggestion on increasing the site traffic quickly? so that by the time I work on improving my site content… i can keep getting some traffic to site as well…

You’re putting the cart before the horse here. Work on your site’s content first. It’s by far the most important thing. What is it your visitors come to your site for, if not the content?

If you try using tricks to gain a short-term increase in your traffic (and it will be short term, because none of these things ever gives lasting benefit), what good will it do you without great content? Sure, you may get visitors, but if your content isn’t good, they will swiftly leave and never return. Build up good content and the traffic will increase gradually and naturally, as word spreads about your site.

Ok thank you for all the suggestions…
I will concentrate on the content for now… :x

Before starting any link building to your site, your site must be a valuable one. It should have contents that can attract people, that people are looking for…after that you can create back links to your site…Just don’t only focus on increasing backlinks, have backlinks that are valuable and that have authority and also have the potentiality to bring traffic to your site…few authority,high pr and relevant back links are the most valuable…you don’t need links in quantity…go for quality…

its simple just create any viral content or provide any service which is available only on your site[means for that user should have to visit your site] such kind of post will get naturally backlinked…!!