Converting to joomla

I am working on a website for a plumbing contractor. It is a WordPress site. They want it to be converted to joomla to make it look more professional and to improve the ranking. Is it true that Joomla sites rank better than Wordpress sites?

I don’t think that search engines care which CMS you use. Why would that be a factor?
They will be more concerned about the relevancy of your content to the user’s query.

I don’t know how WP and Joomla compare in regard to site-speed and mark up quality, it probably varies a lot depending on individual sites and templates, but that may be a small factor in it.

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I’m not sure how converting from Wordpress to Joomla will make it look more professional.

The look really has nothing to do with which CMS you use. If you know how to code custom themes for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal you can make identical looking websites in all three. No one would know the difference unless they checked the code.


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