Wordpress or Joomla?

I’ve heard that Wordpress is better than Joomla in terms of Search engine optimization…Is that really true? If yes then explain how is it better.

Generalisations are always true. I mean if you heard it then someone has an opinion.

To me as a general rule SEO is important but only one part of a bigger equation when choosing a development platform. As an out-of-the-box solution I’m not sure which has the edge, but they are both able to be tweaked so much through the use of SEO tools that it becomes much harder to compare. I’d say that the search engines like Google switching their formulas every now and then makes some old views a little more skewed too. At the end of the day you will be able to point to well-ranked sites that make use of both platforms, what does that tell you?

IMO both of them can achieve the same results. To me the more important thing would be to focus on your content and social interaction. The way things are changing, many of the ‘SEO’ tricks are being seen as spam.

It is said that wordpress code is more search engine friendly compared to joomla. and joomla uses too many scripts.

When talking strictly SEO, Joomla needs the assistance of extensions to work properly to cover the basics of SEO.

Wordpress has most of the features built in to cover the basics, plus some very good plugins to go beyond that.

For me.WordPress is really easy to understand and WordPress have great seo plugins like Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Plugin and Ping service which will boost your Search engine SERP.And developing plugin is as easy as doing coding in php while in joomla developing plugin require understanding of MVC And Joomla Own Framework.We have develop classifieds site in WordPress works great <snip/>

For me really WordPress has worked really well. My friend had Joomla website & he was stressed out of it. When he decided to hire the SEO guys for the website they were always kept sending email & used to call him because of Joomal, so I suggest you should go for WordPress.

I don’t know if anyone has really answered your question. I see a lot of opinion but nobody has said unequivocally, CMS_Brand_X does “something” which is bad/good for SEO because of “something else” that can be backed up with facts.

My take on organic SEO is that to get the basics right, you need to do a few things:

  1. Put together keyword rich document titles.[/B] This is vitally important to getting good SEO results.

2) Load up pages quickly. According to Google, the speed with which you site loads has a minor influence on your rankings. Minor but influence all the same [link]. This is up to the themer to achieve. A good themer will know their way around the CMS and will build sites that output optimized lightweight pages that load quickly without a lot ot bloat.

3) Add Meta Description tags. Just as the title tag is important, it is important to provide Meta Description tags. Search engines like Google don’t tell us how important these tags are but they still indicate that although Meta Keywords are useless, Meta Descriptions hold some weight.

4) XML-Sitemap. This gives search engine spiders a cheat-sheet for your site: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sitemaps

5) robots.txt. I use robots.txt to dissalow search crawlers from indexing areas such as calendars and file directories that would otherwise bog them down and prevent the indexing process from being completed: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robots.txt

To get beyond the basics you might need to hire an SEO specialist who will help you with the flow of information and rewrite the information so that it is synonymous with the search terms you are targetting but I’m pretty sure both systems can achieve these basics equally well as long as you know the system so it’s really up to your personal preference of which CMS you prefer. Maybe someone can provide an SEO benefit of one over the other that can be backed up by facts but I can’t think of one myself.

I’m not familiar using Joomla I only know WordPress. But if I’m on a point that I don’t know either of the two I will still prefer to study and practice WordPress because a lot of people I think know how to do WordPress, so theirs a a lot of advice in troubleshooting the site.

Yes, i find word press always to optimize my websites as compared to joomla.

This is largely a false assumption. You won’t “bog down” a crawler by letting it crawl everything.

The purpose behind this is to prevent crawlers from crawling areas of your website that you don’t want to appear in search engines (such as, admin areas or image repositories). But–also keep in mind that the robots.txt file is a suggestion to search engines. Most legitimate ones will comply with your requests in the robots.txt file, but other malicious ones might not.

I have had great results with both, I am probably biased toward Joomla though as I have creted about 50 sites in Joomla. Wordpress will however get entered into the google blog crawl straight away, but Joomla gets better longterm multiple entrys, and sectioned results when you have number one placement, i.e. 1 main result on the first line and 6 sub results over 2 columns.

Personally I find Joomla easy to manage and a bit more powerful than Wordpress, and really that is more of reason to choose between the CMS systems, not SEO, i.e will it do the job I want to do, and will it allow for expansion?. While Wordpress is a great choice you can find that you can get limited by its capabilties and design layouts (which are awesome) in comparison to Joomla, but the same could be said about Joomla in comparison to Drupal and all of the above to Ruby…

There is a HUGE Joomla communities and its aimed at all skill levels, so that is not part of the equation.

Wordpress all the way!! I have 3 sites, one in joomla, 2 in wordpress. Im planning on converting my joomla site to wordpress. IMO way better platform all around, seo, ease of use, plugins. I manage my wordpress sites and make changes easily, for my joomla site I need to search for help or have to outsource.

Another vote for wordpress. Easy to use, versatile and my clients also love it. The SEO benefits are indeed important too, was able to get some decent results with it, even if I am not a SEO specialist.

Both are good with SEO’s perspective. However Wordpress makes it to carry out SEO techniques on your website. There are various plugins available in wordpress, for instance there is plugin for adding meta description and tags, there is plugin to adsense code, there is plugin to add contact form. For almost every activity there are plugins which makes it easy for us to handle our website.

i prefer wordpress.because most of wordpress plugins themes are free…also Admin interface is the best…joomla is bit complicated

I am going to buck the trend here and say Joomla.

My reasoning is that, your search engine love is going to be determined by how active you are with your content; how active you are updating it and maintaining.

And as your site grows larger, the limitations Wordpress poses from a Content Admin perspective … will start rearing it’s head. Wordpress is seriously lacking in things like “bulk operations.” Wordpress assumes that you will never have more than, like, 10 articles. And that once you post them, you’ll never have to do anything with them other than wait for it to make it’s way down the list as new ones are posted.

Out of the box, Joomla assumes that you might have a sizeable number of entries … and that you might at some point need to perform bulk operations on more than one post.

People who are afraid of Joomla are generally the same types of users who don’t know how to use the back-button on their browser, don’t know how to access their voicemail, and get wildly confused by the remote controls for their television sets. (disclaimer: much of what I’m posting here is in tongue-in-cheek, so don’t get bent out of shape – it’s all in good fun).

Go with WordPress - so much easier to use and with better support because of its much larger userbase.

The main difference between Joomla and wordpress is that wordpress is way lot easier to customize and learn, however it will take some hell of efforts to learn joomla. It is a bit complicated. Also, Joomla developers are quite expensive. You can get almost any functionality in the form of a plugin in wordpress, that to mostly for free. Think about it

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