Wordpress vs. Joomla

Hey - newbie here… I’m currently running with Wordpress, but I have heard from several others that Joomla is a better format. Can anybody explain why?

My website is http://www.sign-express.com. What could Joomla do that Wordpress can’t on this? I’m not a WP snob, I’m just curious. Open to new ideas…

If WP works for you (and you like it), I don’t see any reason why to change it to Joomla.

I think the best way would be to take a look for yourself and make an informed decision based on what you see. Neither of them take very long to install on a WAMP/XAMP/MAMP server (I tend to play around with Uniform Server if I’m doing that kind of thing), and just take a look.

Your biggest issue might be re-creating your current site design in Joomla, though technically, it should be more than capable of handling your needs (as could a number of others).

You could ask this question on 3 different forums and get 5 different answers!

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