Joomla vs. Wordpress

Does Joomla have a chance on having good SEO up against a similar setup wordpress blog. Joomla has so many easy plug-ins for configuration changes and it is more of a GUI than wordpress. Not much coding goes into joomla vs. wordpress. I am asking because I have a joomla site and a wordpress site that are very similar but the joomla site seems to be suffering a bit getting on google. The joomla site looks better than the wordpress as far as functionality of the menus and such… but I am sure that’s nothing a nice wordpress theme can fix.

Should I dump the joomla site and convert to wordpress? I would not loose much but I like the way the joomla site is setup over wordpress’s front end interface. (:

Making any comparison between Joomla and Wordpress is really a tough call. Because both are good enough at there own positions. Though Joomla code is a little bit complicated rather than WP. Joomla supports MVC design pattern. Still some developers try to avoid Joomla because of its coding structure complexity. :wink: By the way, for simple blog site you can choose WP. I do not think SEO will be matter for Joomla or WP. In my Web development experience I have never seen any issue there. Both have feature of SEO friendly URL. Both load in almost at same time.

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I’ve used both and I prefer Wordpress by far. Google also seems to like Wordpress site better. I think the software is just designed better for SEO.

As for load times, this is a factor the Google takes into account for page rank. So if you site is having this issue, may want to look into optimizing it. Wordpress has some great cache plugins. I don’t recall about Joomla, but may guess it that they probably do so as well.

Good luck!

Wordpress all the way. The fact that it is the most popular and their are more plugins running in all the time. It is highly diverse and I’ll choose it because it has a better building interface than Joomla in my opinion.

Wordpress is easy to use, easily amended for SEO and used by a lot more than Joomla so Wordpress wins

Thanks for starting interesting Topic here. Yes i agree that the Joomla is better than any other web development platform. Its easy to use and its an open source software used for dynamic website development. Joomla customization is used by lot of web developers for making powerful online applications and websites. on the other hand if we talk about the wordpress platform then no doubt its good for SEO too but not very much effective as Joomla is!

Joomla 1.5 has a built a built in SEO tools. It’s not as extensive as the All in One SEO Pack for WordPress but it gets the job done. You can easily edit article meta information and description information.

Joomla sites take a lot of time to load

not too concerned about load times… i hope if they click on a link they will actually let it load… maybe a couple more seconds than some of my wordpress sites.

ok - fine :slight_smile:

may i suggest using phpLD as a blog :smiley:
i’ve never used joomla but i’ve heard a lot of people that have had security issues…
I used wordpress for a while and i liked it. I like the way they handle the mod rewrite, that was nice

obviously i use phpLD (it’s a directory script) and it’s great…no known security issues. It comes with an article script to it so I ditched wordpress…
Now they’ve actually started using it as a blog and I think it’s pretty neat…
here’s an example of one :
and as far as load time goes phpLD 3.3 comes with a built in cache system to help boost load times
though it’s not a free script…but there may be a blog script specifically released sometime soon :shifty:

Not sure of your exact requirements, but Joomla seems like overkill for a blog unless you have a bunch of content outside of the blog itself. Wordpress does a great job for any standard blog and I would only go the Joomla route if you need a proper CMS solution for managing content other than the blog.

If WordPress can do everything you want your Joomla site to do, then you may as well switch over. WordPress is quite extensible and there isn’t much that the average user would want to do that it can’t handle quite easily with some theme changes and maybe the occasional plugin.

so it’s still wordpress in terms of blogging to have a good seo

I don’t like Joomla. Too overcrowded for me.

I have seen seo plugins for joomla. Are you using RSS to provide updated content on the joomla site ?

Google “seo plugin” + joomla and I am sure you will find what you need.

yes. i have a few plugins to help with SEO. not to mention the one to change the url to match the title tag.

I didn’t know Joomla had a seo plugin. Overall though I don’t like it, too complicated looking and too messy. Wordpress is clean and crisp and so many people use it there is constant updates.

Well, the SEO factor is probably higher with Wordpress, but I cant provide any proof of that yet.

If anyone here has seen a comparison of the how powerful Wordpress is against Joomla in the SEO department - please post it .