Joomla or WordPress?

Hi all, new to the forums and I hope this is in the right place. I am very familiar with WordPress and have been using it for several years. Lately I have a need to redesign a website for my church which was previously built using Dreamweaver and modified locally on my PC. I want something that can be modified remotely and I instantly thought of going with a CMS.

I have been playing with Joomla mostly to see what I can do and I found a great Joomla theme that would be perfect for the church. However, from a beginners standpoint, Joomla seems like it will take a bit of time to learn and help others at the church understand. I may just start over with WordPress. I wanted to get your thoughts on what might be best for building a website (not a blog) for a business site like a church. Themes aside, which can be found anywhere, I am curious what others think.

Thanks again for your time.

For building a church website Wordpress is the better option. Joomla is irrelevant. You shouldn’t start new projects on Joomla. You should only use Joomla if that is what is already being used. Putting all that aside though I would use Drupal 8.


I feel like Joomla is an ancient CMS that no professionals should be using. I’ve worked with a couple clients websites which were originally done in Joomla and they were an absolute disaster on the back end. I don’t know if this was the fault of the original coders, or just short-comings of the CMS. I am a strong advocate of using WordPress. While WordPress has its own shortcomings (ie. commonly targeted by hackers, and often hacked) I still feel like its a solid platform. Even free security plugins like WordFence or Securri will keep you safe. Check out this useful resource of good plugins to make use of on any WordPress site. It’s good for beginners:

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I would agree. it is a small website you can use just about anything. How likely is it that there are content-editors whom will be updating the site. If that isn’t very likely than you could very well just make it all static and not allow the CMSs limitations/complexities get in your way.

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An area church has a WordPress site. I think they may be willing to discuss any pros - cons they have experienced

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Thanks guys! I still have the test install of Joomla installed but I am going to setup a quick WP site and see how it comes along. Joomla is new to me and since I’d have to spend time to train the church staff on its use, I’d much more prefer something I have experience with such as WP. I have another WP blog that has a few plugins installed for increasing security and making it easy to publish updates. We’ll see how things go. :smile:

Thanks again!

I will blindly support wordpress against joomla.
Wordpress is highly extensible and customizable

Both can accomplish same sort of task but wordpress is much easy to write, modify,customize.
Additional features from Automattic( wordpress parent organization) make it very easy to manage.
You can manage using apps too.

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I used both of Joomla and Wordpress. And i found that WP is more user friendly and easy to use. Additionally, WP have more free and paid good quality plugins and themes.

WordPress is without a doubt the best Content Management System out there today. WordPress benefits are something that would not only help you make a better website but also provide you with tons of new and unique features that would help your website really shine.

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There are plenty of people who DO doubt WordPress is the best @rasinbekkevold so can you explain why you think it is?

Wordpress is which i prefer. It is not to difficult to use, especially with the beginners, it takes not too much time to discover and make familiar. Moreover, it is so flexible with many free extensions and plugins.
Joomla! seems to be old and not meet our demands anymore, i think.

WordPress is best for Startup. Joomla is far more Secure than WordPress

Do you have an authoritative source to back this up? I’ve seen exactly the opposite claim made here in the past.

Also, could you explain your reasoning behind recommending the less-secure option for a Startup? I would have thought security was a major consideration for any business.

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I recommend you to use WordPress. Always is better for your need.

In what way is it better?

It’s not very helpful to anybody if you just make sweeping statements like that. Please provide the reasons behind your choice. Why is it a better fit for the OP’s exact circumstances?

I mean WordPress is better for you. You already have knowledge in WordPress and there are lots of themes, plugins available more than Joomla.

so iam trying to talk about site speed. if i add say 1000 businesses ot a directory, then i think wp is going to slow down, is joomla somehow more robust?

faster loading?

Page Howe

Neither. Why use bloated wordpress when you create a fast clean website with pure html/css?

@David-la because not everyone is an expert on working with HTML. The audience for this website is very non-techie, novice users that know only the basics. Having a system setup that allows them to easily modify the site without having to know how to work with code and then upload changed documents is what they need. I was able to get everything working exactly as I had intended using WordPress. :slight_smile:

I do not doubt that Joomla would work as well but with the amount of plugins and support that WordPress has, it really was the right choice for my situation.

Fair enough Mark - I understand why wordpress is popular but there is software out there that allows you to build clean html/css websites with little (or no) knowledge.

I hate wordpress and the fact its so popular, bloated and horrible way of building a website, but thats just my opinion of course.