Commision Junction

I have just started commision Junction and intend to run it along side High Profits.

Has anyone used any survey affiliates from CJ with a high success rate?

I use CJ and Linkshare on three different sites and have been since last August. Two of them are client sites of mine. The other is a personal site of mine.

So far, it has been a huge flop. Each client site has made a grand total of one sale in these past seven months. These are sites that get very good traffic (75K-100K+ visitors per month with a high unique rate), update content everyday or every week and have new CJ/LS ads rotated once a week or more. One client site has 6 ad buttons grouped together under a Sales label and generally only show the latest product sales and specials and these are updated constantly.

Another strike against CJ is that if you go 6 months without generating a sale, they will deduct $10 from your account. One client site made a commission of $39.80 last August, but none since then. So, a few weeks ago, CJ took away $10 from site’s account and now the it has only $29.80 in it. I consider that to be rather cheap. Linkshare does not do this, to my knowledge.

CJ does offer storefronts in addition to single and group links, so if you are looking to do something along those lines, have a niche site that gets decent traffic, CJ might, I stress might, make you some money. However, for now, I really cannot recommend any type type of commission-based affiliate, short of having a site that gets one million visits a month and can sell based on that kind of volume.