Where can I find the best affilate programs?

The headline says it all… where can I find the best affiliate programs?

Maybe you will like us: we have dating, ringtones/sms, but also health/fitness/beauty campaigns. Soon more verticals are added. Most of our offers are US/Canada based. Affiliate payments are done through bank wire, check (send through Fedex) and Paypal.

Any questions. PM me here. :slight_smile:

i reccomend infolinks … their ads are not irritating and CTR is good …

I’m using infolinks in my psychology dictionary site, revenues were pretty, but theses days it sucks !! i don’t know why

I’d also recommend that you try ClickBank.

What kind of affiliate programs are you looking for?? Any thought in your mind?

I like Share a Sale
One, perfect for this audience, is Outright - free bookkeeping to track income, expenses, and taxes

It depends on what kind of site you have. If your site is about pets you’ll have a hard time promoting financial applications. Find affiliate programs that best match your content.

Many affiliate sites rank their merchants, pay attention to the rate of conversions and the dollar amount generated for sales. A low conversion with a high dollar amount may be better than a low dollar amount and high conversion.

amazon and cj also worth to try…some guy post his big amount monthly income in the neighbour

Referforex is a quality affiliate program for forex products. They promote the broker Finexo as well as Forex Web Trader. The best payment plan is offered for Finexo with a hybrid scheme offering both revenue share and CPA.

I’d stay away from Clickbank. Save yourself the headache of their problems. I’ve done pretty well with Copeac. I’m sure if I put in more effort with Amazon I could make some more money. They pay absolute pitiful percentages, but you get commissions for anything that is bought. Not to mention they have just about every product you can think of. You can really corner some small markets.

Yeh i hear shear a sale is pritty good.

You can definitely search for affiliate programs on Google & ofcourse this forum itself. My suggestions: Commission Junction, Share a sale & LinkSahre.

All the Best with your Efforts…

What is “best”. If you asked the question “What is the best car”. What you would get back is a whole lot of different answers from a whole lot of people based primarily on factors that have little to do with your own personal tastes.

The best program is the one that is legitimate, you can promote, and builds your own goals.


For anyone who is interested with Cell phones, a cell phone affiliate program is a very good choice. The sales are monitored by online databases that keep information like the affiliates website and the commission paid by the merchant. A 10% commission on the new and recurring sales is generally paid to the associates. However, bonuses are also provided sometimes. Other than wireless phones, other commodities like memory cards, antennas, headsets, two way radios and other accessories are also available.

There are tons of them, but I think Amazon Associates is the best of all the affiliate programs.

Clickbank, linkshare, Amazon, Commission Junction and neverblue

I will suggest clickbank. It is free to sign up as an affiliate and you can start promoting your choosen programs immediately.

Put a plan in place on how to direct traffic to your products. You don’t need to start with a website but it might come in very handy as you grow your business.

You can use a blog, social networking sites, article writings etc but however you chose to go make sure you do something. Just signing up with a program without promoting it, is - i’m sorry- but a complete waste of time.

Sucess in your business!

There are several to choose from, but I have found the following are best based on tracking, number of different niches available, and timely payments:

Commission Junction

Good Luck!

Just search and use your intuition at Clickbank or at other Affiliate Networks.