Which is the best affiliate program?

As we know there are now hundreds of affiliate programs in the web.which is the best affiliate program to you ?

Clickbank has worked for me. I’m trying my luck with Google Affiliates. Haven’t tried CJ and don’t know any other Affiliate sources.

Didn’t have to do to much with affiliate programs so far but in addition to Clickbank, mentioned by Srirangan, did I hear good stories about LeadClicks and Commission Junction

there is no such thing as “the best affiliate program”
you have to try them all and see what’s best for you
what works for me does not necessary work for you

I agree with kenmore, it really depends on what kind of traffic you have got. Niche, country, specific product, keywords etc. If you explained more detailed what kind of traffic do you have it would be much easier to advise something that could possibly monetize your traffic.

Depending on your niche, you can select any channel for your affiliate program. If you have a tangible product you can select Share A Sale or CJ and Click Bank is appropriate for intangible products like software, ebook, etc.

I have listen about Clickbank and Commission Junction but did not use any one still now.

I like Clickbank and CJ

if im using CJ and a user clicks an affiliate ad from my website and then closes the window. after few days he comes back on my affiliate website directly and purchases something. will it still get the commission? or only if he makes the transaction right after the click?

i think cj are the most popular!

My vote would go too CJ,clickbank,affiliatewindow,and some success with amazon and ebaypartnernetwork although the latter 2 options are only used on a few of my old sites but while they still bring in revenue i will continue to use them.

I agree in that it depends on the niche and type of traffic, but from my own experience it’s best to try direct deals with the merchants who have in house affiliate systems as they’re normally able to offer better commissions than the affiliate networks they work with

75digital.com is best program.

CJ is the best affiliate network in the US for sure.
For UK traffic I use affiliatefuture or webgains.

You can find lots on CJ and Clickbank. I recently started using ShiverLink. <snip/>

I think amazon & cj

I use CJ, click bank, and amazon the most.

Commission Junction and Click Bank

Google affiliate network, avangate, linkshare

My experience with CJ is not good so far