Experiences with Commission Junction

Hi there,

I wanted to gather some experiences for people who’ve used commission junction. I am now using it and I actually love the way things are laid out. Considering I’ve just started using it I have not got any money from it.

One thing I did notice is that there are certain contracts, one which took my eye was the " 3 Month EPC (EUR)". Not sure what to make of this, sounds like I get paid for contract, and not per impressions or per click, so almost like a fixed rate (if I am correct) on getting paid. This is pretty awesome!

Would love to hear what other people’s experiences are.

I have used Commission Junction for a while now and also use Google Adsense. My conversion rate for commission junction is very low and have not made a lot of money at all, where as with Google I have made a lot more. I, like you, like the layout of commission junction, and they do have some great advertisers. What I find with commission junction is that around 98% of their commissions are sale based, with very few lead, per click, or impression commission ads. I would love to be able to use commission junction more effectively or find a way to improve my conversion rate of ads, so I will closely follow response on this thread. For example this week on one of my websites associated with my CJ account I have had 4171 impressions, and only 13 clicks, a 0.31% CTR. None of those clicks turned into sales or leads.

There are things that I am still yet to fully understand, for example the 3 month EPC and other stats.

If there are any people in the forum that are able to provide some advice on how to maximise ad revenue or use commission junction better, Id love to hear what you suggest.

Not sure what’s happening there, after doing a little digging I found that EPC is an average calculation of the money you’d earn per 100 clicks. So I am a little puzzled why you make nothing at all. On the other hand I seam not to be doing well with Google. I feel the larger advertising banners get more money than the smaller ones as they quality for pay-per-impressions. I am not completely sure how commission junction works either, so maybe this thread would be an excellent way to follow what others have to say. On a slightly unrelated note I came across this https://www.komoona.com, and I am going to use this as well as commission junction on my site. I have signed up to several affliate programs, including Theme forest and Site5, which is pretty awesome. In fact this is all good fun, but we have to make a little money in the process or else there is little incentive.

I have been trying to work it out as well, I can’t help but feel I should start to see a return on the site as the ads are well placed.

Which in your experience offers the most pay-per-impressions campaigns? I get a lot of unique page views and can’t help but feel this might be the way to go? Commission Junction doesn’t seem to have any.

  • embarrassed* I am not a guru kid :frowning: sorry, would prob. be better off with somebody else’s advice :frowning:

Each CJ program is different but almost all pay on a per sale / lead basis rather than impression / click. This is action based advertising.

As a publisher there’s advantages and downsides to this model… If you have traffic that’s in a late stage of research and focused on something they could be buying, you can make more money per user. However if your traffic is more general or focused on a niche that may take time convert – like buying a TV – it can yield low results. As a publisher you have to think about your audience and what fits their intent – but just because you have a lot of traffic doesn’t mean a CPM program is best, often times if you can’t convert for a brand you picked, you won’t get good ad rates on a network that’s random either

With CJ you’re not getting banners just because you join. You have to sign up for individual advertisers who you pick [as you grow some will try and pick you as well] and then place there content, ideally into a relevant spot rather than just cycling through generic messages.

some sites work well with CJ and some don’t. CJ usually works if you have affiliate program in your site. i will take 99designs site for example

For affiliates Commission Junction is pretty cool. If you haven’t tried using their product datafeeds yet I highly recommend them. Then if you can, rewrite the descriptions so your version has unique content. If you’d like to additionally monetize your sites you should try the Amazon.com and Avantlink.com affiliate programs too.

CJ undoubtedly means high income if you do possess significant and quality targeted traffic. CJ affiliate programs are often from proven companies, this means you advertise quality products and gain yourself positive reputation!

some of the CJ advertisers would have specials running in some season like new year or christmas wherein they would give you nice bonus if you cross a certain limit in sales l( like 100$ in december month etc)

EPC is only one metric, I would warn you.

There are ‘advertisers’ who have high return rates, certainly some that might offer free exchanges, or returns where sizing is known to be an issue – in these cases, even with an exchange, take a quess who ends up really paying for shipping? That’s right, you the ‘publisher’. The buyer gets the merchandises, the business makes the sale, and the site owner gets nothing.

You are also dealing with a good faith internal reporting vs outright ppc on google. Be careful there.

Then there is the substantial time the businesses may have in making “reversals” against the publisher.

If you have too many ads, it can and probably will have a detrimental effect on your sites rankings.

Then there are advertisers who get temporarily disabled for not making payments, etc, and you will have to be deciding whether to remove them each individually and whether to put them back up if and when they manage to attain better standing with the network.

Adsense has always paid me on time, with a selection of choices from which the visitor can choose.