Commission Junction

Do I have a better chance at making money if I am a publisher or advertiser? Can I be both? Can I change my mind?

That may depend on what the details of your situation are. Do you have the capacity to do both?

I don’t see why you can’t be both, I believe that on clickbank you can be a publisher as well as an afilliate for others products. I am assuming that is what you are asking about. I would like you would make more money if you don’t limit what you are doing. Have you asked Commission Junction about whether or not you can do this?

you can definitely be both. You have to be an online retailer, merchant, or lead generation company of some kind to be an Advertiser. CJ insists on revenue numbers being over certain levels to let a new Advertiser on the platform. You can also be an affiliate as well. It would be 2 separate accounts with 2 logins.

How can you be both of them? Do you have a site that sells your own products, or you wish to make money out of your non-profit website? :smiley: