Looking for reputed Affiliates

I am searching for good and reputed Affiliates whos giving good commision with fast time so hope here i will get my answers soon and fast

Have you visited Commission Junction (cj)? It’s been around for ages and major companies offer their marketing stuff so affiliates can use them and bring clients (and earn commissions, of course)

I agree cj is best but i am finding ads network like popups etc

You’re finding? or you want to find ads networks. Not sure if I understand what you want.

I hate popups (as the big majority of internet users) and I consider them bad practice. And I don’t use ad networks so I wouldn’t be able to recommend a good one.

but right now pop up ads network giving best commissions and also they are popular

Probably because nobody wants popups, they have to pay more :slight_smile:
Regarding popularity, I assume that they’re popular for marketers that want the quick buck but not among users. They’re extremely annoying

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