Can anybody knows how to do this

Hi, can i ask some help can you help me please how to do this in photoshop.
like this image

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

Okay i got it now…:slight_smile:

How did you go about it? I know a “low tech” way to do it, but I’m sure there are more sophisticated ways. (For example, I would make the arrow by creating a rectangle selection, applying a gradient to it, rasterizing it and then making a selection with the polygonal lasso and deleting the two corners to make the arrow head.)

Looks simple in here… I think I can do that in Microsoft Paint! :lol:

Since you already know how to do it, I guess you can post short tutorial on this thread for the others that are interested. :smiley:

Hi ralph, yes that’s what i do but i used the paint tool not the polygonal lasso… :slight_smile:

It’s actually pretty simple! I’d use the polygonal lasso tool or the magnetic lasso tool to create that menu background. :wink:

You could have also used the pen tool to draw the shape and then fill in the gradients either by applying a gradient directly or by applying it in the blending modes.