Retro Ribbons around images

If you take a look at this template. Do you see the featured project ribbon? How is that created in photoshop?

the easiest way to do this type of thing is using Vector points.

1/ Copy the image and paste into a new canvas in PS
2/ Put down a vector rectangle the same width and height as the banner
3/ Using the vector selection tool (A) - make sure its the WHITE arrow…
4/ Select a single point and drag it into position on the banner.
5/ do the same with the other 3 points so you have a parallelogram shape at an angle.

Add a gradient set to Radial using the orange colours.

For the wrap overs, they are simply triangles with a gradient added.

You can add the single lone strokes either using the pencil tool or add a stroke in the Layer styles.

Have a bash and if you need help, shout :slight_smile:

Do you mean Illustrator Spikez? I was going to create the effect with this photo. (In photoshop)

No, Photoshop has vector tools too :slight_smile:

The theory is the same though for that image, its all about the vector points and how you control them.

I just magic wand it. Do you think that’s cool?

LOL no, dont magic wand it!
Learn it, do it, create it and be able to do it again!

it takes practice and a bit of time but its worth it in the end :smiley:

HAH! That’s funny. I thought this was going to be hard then it was. Basically, all I did was make a long rectangle cut it’s edges, make a triangle cut the bottom off the triangle off of it. And basically that’s all that was needed and some dropshadow. -