Help with a background graphic


I’ve found a web background graphic, which I presume has been formed in Photoshop. I don’t wish to copy it, but only do my own version in a similar fashion. Can anyone help as to how it might be done please?

Thanks for any help!:wink:

This resource should help. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for this information. I have visited this site and many other tutorial sites following a search of Google, but wondered if anyone could be more specific about how to formulate the shapes in Photoshop.

I realise that I might be looking for the impossible!

Interesting, because I had the exact same question about the exact same graphic last month in this thread. It’s from the site It’s pretty cool. The design of that site is terrific.

Impossible, no. But it will require some learning. I’m not there yet. The link provided by kohoutek will give you some (but possibly not all) the skills necessary to create graphic like that. Obviously, the pen tool was used to create some of the curved lines. Or maybe it is the warp tool, which I don’t have because I’m using an old version of Photoshop. I’m not sure about the colors, if that was created with a gradient overlay or some other techniques. It’s possible multiple techniques can be used to accomplish the same thing.

If you do a search for photoshop abstract background tutorials you can find more tutorials.

A brush was used to create this image. You can see the repeat of the brush in the top-left and on the right. See the identical lines and shapes? It’s a very beautiful brush, and was likely self-created. That would be the hard part. After that, it’s just two clicks with the brush.

The color overlay is pretty simple. Look at this tutorial for how do do the color overlay.

In terms of the navbar, it’s a simple black bar with some gradient overlays from the effects panel (accessed by double-clicking the layer). There is a gradient applied from top to bottom (white to gray/transparent). The sides have also been erased with a semi-transparent eraser.

The content area was just erased with the eraser tool.

I hope that helped.

Great minds think alike springs to mind! Thanks for the information. I’ve googled many requests and trawled through dozens of tutorials in an effort to nail this one, but not quite there yet. I’ve just bought three of Steve Caplin’s (Photoshop) books and am trying to gain some knowledge from those! Let me know how you fare with your efforts.

Thanks for your input also. I do agree with you that it appears to be done by a brush and the link you gave also points in that direction. Just need to polish some of the skills and make it work somehow.

Back to the drawing board!