Photoshop question - how can I create this?

Hi all,

I really like the header located here: Primarily, the arrow - any pointers on how I can easily create something similar?

Many thanks.

easiest way? you can just view the image, link, add it to Photoshop, erase the text with white color, and add your own text…
or you could design it in Illustrator/CorelDraw, a box with 3 overlapping triangles, with the sides warped to give them a bezier symmetrical curve.

Umm…isn’t that plagiarism/theft?

Umm…yeah. Don’t do that.

I imagine that the arrow could be done w/ the pen tool and a stroke. Applying pen pressure will have it curve/fade away.

I might post a more detailed explanation later.


Using the image on their site is bad advice, but I think is was a joke attempt?

Photoshop or not, this is about vector graphics: shapes, paths, nodes, curves.

I prefer Inkscape:
I’ve tried to use the menu to make you see what’s going on, so it’s pretty self explanatory, but feel free to ask anything you’d like to know more about the process.

Pen tool of photoshop…The way I would do it. Make one side, half of an arrow. Copy it, then mirror it, [edit > transform > flip *]

Honestly, you guys are over complicating things. It seems to me the entire site is based on “echoing” typography. Simply put the has mirroed the cape of key characters in the fonts used for highlights. I think the center part of the header is a “}”; ( two of them were used to make the two tone eefect) at 90degrees with the sides removed

Honestly, I see nothing of the sorts there. If anyone, I think you’re oversimplifying.


My approach is basic geometry:

  1. Make a basic rectangle shape.

  2. Transform the rectangle into a rectangular trapezoid:

  • make the rectangle a path
  • grab the right node from the base side an pull it down a bit (or a bit more, your choice)
  1. Transform the base side to Bézier curves:
  • simply click the base side closer to the right node and drag it up a bit (ungroupe them frst)


You now have the basic half shape.

From now on you only need to:

  • duplicate it two times
  • pull each of the duplicates down horizontally, each a bit lower then the previous one
  • adjust the left node of the base side a bit for each duplicate
  • arrange the z-order for the three basic shapes
  • duplicate all three to make the other half (I’ve grouped them to make it easier for this step and for the next one)
  • mirror the duplicated shapes
  • combine the paths and their mirror paths for each of the three “layers”.

Sounds like a lot of work, but it’s actually pretty simple.


Solid basic stuff, with a lot to learn from.


  1. Transform the base side to Bézier curves:
  • simply click the base side closer to the right node and drag it up a bit (ungroupe them frst)

is, in fact, like this

  1. Transform the base side to Bézier curves:
  • simply click the base side closer to the right node and drag it up a bit

lol plagarism…if it makes you feel better writing a tutorial to do exactly the same thing to avoid plagarism…ummm I fail to see the difference. Copy and paste a screen shot if you want to avoid downloading and using their image.

Certainly as far as usefulness goes itmitica has a good solution, watch the tutorial. You can scale that to fit on a billboard now. Not only that but now you know how the graphic was created and now you can put your own spin on it!

Everyone copies in design. It’s just like saving the planet: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Don’t believe me? Tell me what’s trending at the moment (or in the past) and how you can tell.


I wasn’t encouraging plagiarism…the design of the “logo” is not that detailed and far from original. itmitica has the best solution for creating one from scratch - thanks for the video tutorial - I am a Corel man, myself, but I might just change to Inkscape after seeing your screen cast.


Thank you.

Hopefully, OP will find it useful too. :slight_smile:


I’d like to see materialized the other variants, from those using other vector graphics applications, or using typography. OP should have more options, if possible.