Customize Your Car with Photoshop

  1. Get a good car picture like the one I’ve chosen.

  1. Now use the pen tool, the lasso tool or the magic wand to select the body part of the car (the red part in this case).

  1. Create a new layer above the car’s one and fill the selection with a color of your choice, I chose a blue shade.

  1. Looks not good till now ain’t it? you feel it is not realistic ! don’t you ? That’s why we’re going set the blending mode of the layer filled with blue to ‘color’ mode. You can add more details if needed

Here are More examples of what you can do with this technique

  1. Change the color with Hue/Saturation

  2. Make a selection with the polygonal lasso and deleted the selected part of the layer filled with blue.

  3. Adding some details and color thanks to the pen tool

  4. Filled the selection (step 3) with the spectrum gradient.

  • That’s all !! Enjoy coloring the car for now
    You can use the same technique on other objects of course :wink:

P.S: If you want a ride on my new cars just tell me :wink:

nicely done!

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The rainbow one is a killer :smiley:


Thats awesome!

wicked - seems so easy to get a great effect

Works better than the Hue/Saturation option.
Don’t know if this happen only to me, but when i use Hue/Saturation the image lose quality, or the pixels looks so marked

Nice Tut.

:frowning: Doesn’t work with white cars…good tut though :slight_smile:

For white car you’ll have to play with different blending modes - Multiply for example.
In some cases, there may be a few different overlaying layers needed to give the natural look of the new paint color.

yep :agree:
I should have mentioned that!

Wow! so cool :wink:

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Nice one Trig :smiley:

There was a question about the white car colorizing.

Here are the white cars colored I made a long time ago using very similar technique.
Some of the colorizing layer sets consist of 10 layers with different blending methods (Multiply, Overlay, Hard Light, Color).

White to blue:

White to red:

So Nice Arthur!
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Happy you liked it! :stuck_out_tongue: but I am not seeing your cars guys! except for Trig :slight_smile:

hey great tutorial, simple and to the point - i love those :slight_smile: