Buying Email List

I want to purchase an email list preferably in my niche.

Anyone know any reputable companies in the UK?


The days of renting lists effectively are long gone.

Consumers hardly trust mail they optin for these days and what they don’t optin for… in many countries it’s downright illegal to email people who didn’t explicitly request your emails and always bad for your business reputation. Not to mention insanely low results.

In short build your own list or look to sponsor someone else’s existing content with a message insertion, not a takeover.

Wave your hand to e-mail marketing. It does not work any more :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s not as effective as it was years ago. Social media services and networks are replacing this scheme now.

Actually email marketing to a house list is still generally considered the highest ROI marketing effort of anything in web marketing. While there’s been declines due to the increase in volume and the emergence of so many other reach points, people like deals, people follow brands and email delivers that in one package. With tech innovations like the smartphone and tablet, there’s a whole new wave of email results coming.

You have a good point Ted S. That means we can combine social media and email to be more effective then.

Hi dear, Now a day consumer not believe to mail advertisement. So, i strongly against to mail marketing. If you want to do internet marketing you can use blog marketing strategy. and promote your blog in internet world to become a popular.

bulk emailing is not the solution anymore. here are the disadvantages:

1- if some one complain to spam org, you hosting might suspended or terminated.
2- if you bulk email your domain ip might be blacklisted and your all emails might send at junck emails to your customers.
3- junck emails brings you virus from all over the world. They can attack your domain or hack your site.

So all the brands making thousands to tens of millions off of direct sales from legitimate, opt-in emails should stop and rely 100% on blogs? Clearly that’s not what you’re suggesting but it’s important distinction to realize that while email may not have the hype anymore, or be as “easy” as it once was, it remains very, very profitable when done properly which includes using a legitimate list.

That’s why you follow a proper opt-in methodology and never buy, rent or harvest emails. And find a host that supports businesses.

Great reason to send email from an ESP [email service provider] who aids you in increasing deliverability by working on whitelists and monitoring blacklists. Of course some people forget they signed up or consider mail they did optin for to be spam still… you can’t stop that but making it very painless to optout helps.

Not sure how this correlates to making an effective email marketing campaign…

have you tried builing your own list?

email marketing is not working anymore, people hate spam as much as you do…

Email marketing and spam are not the same.

What do you mean? Can you explain the difference if there is such. Thanks.

email marketing is less used dese days… as it creates spamm if not worked properly…

The difference is quite simple: permission and no permission.

If you’re out buying email lists or finding addresses from services to send them email, it’s unrequested and thus spam.

However if you have a form at the bottom of your page or a sign up sheet in a retail store and someone chooses to elect to receive your emails that’s not just legitimate, it’s meeting their request.

The mistake I see in this thread is ignoring people’s preferences. Sure email may not get opened by everyone and yes, people do sign up for emails and optout because they don’t them anymore but how does that differ from any other communication? Email campaigns by larger brands and small retailers drive in considerable revenue as people who like those businesses sign up to receive specials, product alerts, commerce related information. There’s a reason why ESPs are growing and it’s not because email no longer works.

Don’t assume someone wants in until they check a box indicating so, don’t oversend and make it easy to leave but go around suggesting it’s dead unless you’ve got some stats to stand behind that.

You will end very soon marked as “spam” …

also who read all those junk mails nowadays ?