Email Marketing Service

Ok, I am looking at offering an email marketing service for my clients. I have looked into being a white label reseller from email marketing providers and to be honest the ones that offer white label reselling do not give me the flexibility that I need.

So, now it has come to a point that if I want to offer this to my clients it needs to be custom built. Ok, so programming it is easy however here is where my concerns come in:

How can 1 run an email marketing service without it getting blacklisted due to scammers and spammers? Are there any resources for running your own email marketing service business?

Please shed some light on this issue.


frankly I wouldn’t bother, there are several good providers like campaign monitor and mail chimp.

What are your requirements that make these unsuitable?

Certainly charging money is a good way to keep spammers out, but I think it could be a serious problem trying to keep off the blacklists (even with honest clients) without having some kind of relationship with the big email providers.

Yes I am aware of this,

One of the main issues is importing the the script / service into my own business infrastructure and the lack of customization to make it my own brand for my clients is the issue. Ive only found one that fits the requirements and the pricing is not the structure I am looking for.

I am looking for tips on how to go about doing this, not why I should not do this. I am going to do this even if a few people say I should not do it.


I just found a new service, hopefully the pricing is in line with requirements if so there will be no need to code my own from scratch.

I would think someone like Campaign Monitor would fit the bill for you - or if not it would be easier to work with them to get the features you need than starting from scratch.

If it’s a good resource…why not share it here for others who may be looking for the same?

Ive looked at campaign monitor however their pricing is outrageous. Ive been looking at 2 reliable providers that charge roughly $1 per 1,000 email sent with no subscriber limit. Also the lack of customization with Campaign Monitor made them another reason not to use them.

know email marketing it’s not effective, if compare with facebook marketing. it’s just my opinion

E-mail marketing is a form of direct marketing which uses electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial or fund-raising messages to an audience. In its sense, every e-mail sent to a potential or current customer could be considered e-mail marketing.

Each time I recieve such e-mails I consider it spam and don’t even read them. So is it really effective?

As someone who uses email marketing yes it is very effective in terms of conversion costs.

Sure the conversion numbers are dramatically lower if it is done like cold calling however some emails will be opened giving your business another person becoming aware of you. For me on one of the projects the cost per customer was $19 while PPC “focused” was $27.

Also, email marketing has a very high open rate for those who have subscribed to your business “intentionally” to get news and updates if it is resourceful they will continue opening them and most likely not opt out while at the same time you can upsell in the email.

So yes, email marketing is very effective.

In regards to the response of facebook, that was not brought up into question here however yes what you have said is true.

Businesses however need to realize that in order to succeed they need to use a wide variety of tools and services. In fact depending on your audience Radio and TV advertising is the cheapest route to acquire new customers.

Dotmailer is out of the question with their high fees however a service provider has been found that im working with.


Recently I have opened my business in direct mailing and in this I do custom direct mail design. I want to know what is the difference between direct mail or normal email which one is best in marketing techniques.


I have been using Email M which is the best email marketing service provider.

No doubt the E-mail marketing is that fastest and the cheapest method of marketing. But there are still few people who do not work with internet. In this case direct mail marketing is the best idea for marketing. If these methods will be used together, it will be a successful method.

I think using multiple ip addresses would help and making sure that you use a throttle to keep mass amounts of messages from hitting the popular online mail sites like gmail all at once will definitely help keep you out of black lists. Sounds like you are putting together a great service, wishing you the best of luck with your future endeavor.

Use the third party Email hosting services, I like Aweber i have personally used it.It has complete control over Email list.

If I were You I would tell the clients they should use Twitter G+ and other social platforms. E-mail marketing doesn’t appear to be efficient these days. I got much more leads from Twitter then from e-mailing given both the same effort and amount of time.

While email marketing is not the sure fire tool it was years ago, across the board is still ranks as the top ROI of any interactive program. What experience or stats have you seen to lead you away from it?

I think e-mail marketing is not really ‘interacting’ :wink:

Of course, not it’s a one way communication strategy but that doesn’t mean it can’t produce results.

Engagement is a great development in how we do business and how our customers connect with us but it doesn’t make other communication obsolete… people still sign up for email lists, go to google to search, walk into stores because of a coupon.