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I am in the process of launching my site TBBOS which discusses ways to make money, has a directory of online services and a classified ads page… I need a list of email addresses. I came across the site which sells 1 million email ids for $35/- Is there anyone who has used this list? They claim it to be cleaned regularly. Also Could anyone advice on the best available email sending software…constantcontact, vericalresponse etc seem to be very expensive,

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Stop now. You’re about to make a bad, bad mistake.

Bulk Email to generic lists is a terrible, terrible idea for your brand and it’s future.

While it sounds cheap and effective, what you are doing is essentially considered SPAM [it’s possible to send bulk mail legally in some countries but perception and legal impact are two very different things].

Mailing people like this, and especially given the insanely low rate of this list, insures that you will have very, very few responses and many complaints filled against your site. As you try to grow your business these will not go away and in fact may continue to label you as a “spammer” for a long time to come.

The days of purchased email lists are over. It’s time to find another approach.

Another item to keep in mind is most providers will not allow you to upload lists like these.

I agree completely with Ted. Nothing but disastrous effects can come from sending email to a purchased list. There are far better ways to spend your time and $35. Even putting $35 towards AdWords would yield more effective results.

its not good way to promote a business…because you email randamly…which cost you back… you have to promote where people needs your services. better is to avoid purchasing such lists.

I go with Ted as well.
I am reading a lot of negative feedbacks rather than positive regarding the purchase email list. That will definitely hurt your website, and no one knows how bad would that be.
If you want your site to go SERP, I suggest you work hard on it and be patient

Don’t buy such bulk email list. At least buy only when they are related to what you are going to promote.

Another idea, you could send your update on others email list (find blogs which has good audience and contact them) or simply, create a squeeze page and offer something free for subscription, this way you could build highly targeted active email list which converts well.

Hope you got the point.

Why not drive traffic to your site and have your visitors opt in for a newsletter/info list. Then you know that they actually want to hear from you and you will be able to market to that list through broadcasts and autoresponders. Aweber is great for this.

Some of the email leads for sale are actually list of some company’s costumers that are either hacked or sold by an insider. Anyway Im sure not all of it are like that but the possibility of you buying those kinds of leads are huge. In this case those people who owns those email will only gonna mark your email as a spam and often the leads are irrelevant from the target market and most are unattended emails. Whats worse is that you could end up buying a 10 year old leads that has been sold to many people.

do not buy Bulk email id because when you shoot mail for these id many of them will failed, it my experience i did for i client gem replica.
use social media website for branding it good …

many countries have effective spam laws that require that you already have a relationship of some sort with people before you are allowed to send them an email. This means that you will have already sold them something or that they have specifically given you their email address in order to receive communications from you. So you will already have all the email addresses you can legitimately send to.

Why would you then want to buy a list of email addresses where the only ones you can send legitimate email to were the ones on that list are ones you already had before buying the list? Any use of the email addresses from the list that you didn’t already have would be spam and so the only countries where you would be able to get around sending such emails so as to annoy people and convince them to not deal with you would be where the person is in a country that doesn’t have effective spam laws (eg the USA).

the short answer is dont do it. it will take a little more time but build your own list

Bulk email = spam = blacklist. You could well find your business grounded before it even takes off!

It is a marketing crime . They have no good traffic , it is un targeted and it is not going to to buy. It is also called spamming if you personally don’t get them to suscribe. They also don’t like getting unsolicited emails .