Purchase "Opt In" E-Mail List?

I have been researching purchasing a targeted opt in E-Mail list. It would seem there would be some legitimate brokers out there just as there were legitimate mailing list brokers years ago. I recently came across Database Emailer. They seem to be saying all the right things and accept payment means such credit cards which can be disputed if the service is not what it claims. Has anyone had experience with Database Emailer?

I appreciate your time.



It’s certainly possible to rent a list and have your message sent to it, but it’s a terrible idea. Users trust emails from companies they know, if your message shows up, even with someone’s legitimate list and header, it’s going to be seen as spam and treated that way harming your brand. No smart site rents a list anymore although there are certainly editorials that will sell you an ad in a newsletter that’s actually read. A far better way in.

Have not heard of database emailer as well… I don’t find these leads useful as you do not have relationships with the people prior to the email.