Buying a new domain

Hi!how are you I am looking up to take a real estate domain which really matched the the exact…Please let me know that what is good and authentic source to get it.

There are hundreds of domain resellers around. I prefer to find a local one, as it’s easier to ring them for support if you need it, but really, that’s a minor thing. A new one that I heard recommended recently was, so you might like to check that out.

$15 for that. How about namecheap for $9

I really like, I don’t work for them but hold all my domains there. Here is what I like about them:

  • Don’t cross-market to me, only flag when a domain is coming due
  • Excellent support stationed in Toronto and not farmed out to another country
  • Very good DNS services including round-robin back email servers.
  • Simple to use administration panel that also keeps track of all invoices so it is nice during tax time
  • No transfer shenanigans
  • Not the cheapest but not outrageous and certainly worth the few extra dollars a year.

I have a strong vote for godaddy

I’ve been using domainsonly for years because I know the guy that’s behind it and I fully trust him. I would wish that the managerment system was more user friendly but my trust in this guy is so big that I don’t even mind it.

He really knows his stuff and he’s really helpful when we had a problem with certain domains (thanks to certain customers that leave everything for the last minute :lol: )

namecheap it is ok, from my point of view.
You can try also namesilo.

I’ve been using Namecheap for the past three years. They have an easy formula for transferring domains.

Also you can transfer funds for purchases and renewals with no problems and I’ve never had my funds lost.

I dont think buyng domain from any where matters , what matters is the hosting…


IMHO it does matter. When you buy a domain you also need public DNS management and perhaps advance features to help with mail and complex public url forwarding. Most registrars run their own DNS management; therefore you are at bay to how good their management works and if the DNS gets forwarded quickly to the region and world abroad.

Some registrars give you a good amount of free services while others make segmented commodities out of all the little services they have, this is the way that they offer a cheap domain registration and then you pay for this and that service, so for many users it is not as inexpensive as they wanted.


I have bought 5 domains from NameCheap so far and and all of them are working fine. I also got excellent support from them. Godaddy also goes fine.

You can register a domain for only $4.95 here:

GoDaddy registers the cheapest domains when you use a coupon. Normally, you will get your domain registered at around 9$/year. Choose any registrar according to your ease and comfort

GoDaddy is known to be the one of the cheapest domain registrars out there especially if you get a hold of some of their promotions or coupon codes, they occasionally have a 1$ domain sale…

Got a $1 .com domain today :slight_smile: from GoDaddy. I have used them for a year, and I am a noob webmaster, and so far no problems. Support is quick as long as it’s a supported issue of course. I heard their hosting is terrible though. I got hosting from somewhere else.

Hi - you hear occasional horror stories about GoDaddy so, though thousands of people use without a problem, I’ll sound a small note of caution.

Having said that, I do use Webmaster7 for most of my domain purchases. This is a rebrand of GoDaddy – white label – but it’s cheaper.

I have to say, the Godaddy backend is peculiar and sometimes frustrating.

To spread things around a bit, I then also use Namecheap.

Malc :slight_smile:

Godaddy for domain purchase is perfect and problem free. Godaddy for hosting is were you hear problems. They are just too big to give personal attention. I suggest godaddy for domains and Hostgator for hosting. You should keep them separate. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

I’m using Godaddy and Bluehost

I really like godaddy , very convenient or 1name1day if you want to buy a valuable and cheap domain