Which website should i buy domain from

hi all,i gonna built a web ,so i need to buy a domain,i know that godaddy is the greatest website ,but i also heert that the price of .eranet is lower and stable,which should i choose?

Well, if you want to have more value for your money and want a more insured domain registrar and hosting company, you should choose GoDaddy. But if you trust enough companies that sells at lesser prices like namecheap.com, then choose to be practical.

Godaddy is far from the “greatest” domain registrar, but it is the biggest on volume I think.

Personally I prefer Namecheap, but there are numerous options out there all offering similar pricing. I choose Namecheap because of the pricing (similar to Godaddy) and the support which is always fantastic (and I haven’t found Godaddy’s to be so good).

I don’t know Eranet, but the main things to look for in a registrar is the pricing, their reliability, their support, and whether they are accredited by ICANN.

GoDaddy is the worst Registrar as it holds domains for ransom.
Better you select Resellerclub and a reseller who is offering freezed prices.
Good luck.

What do you mean by that? Do they keep increasing prices year by year or something like that?

I purchsed idnrs.com from them to test their services. They did not allow transfer for 3 months. That was OK. But after 3 months when I tried to transfer domain, they locked the domain and did not allow transfer. They never replied the tickets, did not allow to get ‘secret code’ and so on. Finally I manage somehow to get the domain trasferred after 9 months. Secondly, they did not allow DNS to change because if you are buying domain from them, they apparently don’t like you to buy hosting from other sources.

Hm, dodgy indeed. Sorry to hear they don’t play fair. I have a few domains with them, but not mission-critical ones.


Godaddy increases prices above the already high prices. Last time I checked, they charge $12.95 per domain. I pay only $6.95 with my provider and the price stays the same year after year. Godaddy increases the price steadily year after year.

Please tell me some good domain provider.I used godaddy 2 years…

Please check the signature for good domain provider :slight_smile:
Good luck.

Are you sure? My Godaddy domains are either pointed at Dreamhost or JustHost hosting.

With regards to the domain prices what I do is go to fatwallet.com and get their coupon codes before I make a purchase on anything, this always saves me a few dollars.

@MyDomAinZ.us - I think I should clarify a few things here…
Whilst Godaddy isn’t my favourite registrar as I don’t appreciate being upsold stuff I don’t want - I have never heard of them ransoming domains or anything like that. They are a huge business - you can’t get away with that (and ICANN should and would investigate if they were).

From what I understand - you cannot transfer a domain to a another registrar for 60 days after purchase (or previous transfer) no matter which registrar you are with - these are ICANN’s rules. After those 60 days are up though you should have found it quite easy to move your domains elsewhere (I’ve moved about 20 from Godaddy to Nmaecheap over the years without much hassle).

Also, all domains tend to be transfer-locked by default on most registrars - this is to stop transfers going through that you have not requested but missed the email to block. With Godaddy (just like most good registrars) you can switch off the transfer lock yourself before making the transfer. The main problems you had with them seems to have stemmed from you not receiving their emails (either from support or for the transfer code) - their support may not be the quickest, but I always get a decent response within 24 hours or so - it sounds like either they held the wrong email address for you on file or their emails were somehow being diverted to spam by your email system - I’m not sure you can blame them for this.

Lastly - you can change the nameservers for your domains at Godaddy at anytime using their interface - it takes about 3 clicks. I still have some domains there and have never bought hosting from Godaddy or any trouble shifting nameservers. I appreciate them upselling hosting and other services is annoying - but they certaiinly don’t hold anything to ransom.

Just to be clear - I think there are plenty of better registrars out there, but the issues you say you have faced with them just do not match up to my experiences there at all. Their interface maybe confusing - but you can edit pretty much anything you like about your domain right there for no fee yourself at any time.

Thanks very much for your suggestions,i bought one from todaynic,it is cheap.

I use, and highly recommend, name.com.

Your reply is much more a sort of GoDaddy’s promotion. It will be better if you could check the domain history of IDNRS.COM and see yourself how long they kept this domain for ransom.

Regarding quoting the rules and regulations about domains, please note that we are in industry since 1998 and know everything very well, so no need to tell us about 60 days essential lock, ICANN and doamin locks etc. I placed my experience with GoDaddy after testing their all the services and support.

Anyway, good luck to you to be with GoDaddy.

Which domain registrar is that? Its pretty low @ $6.95…Care to share?

I registered my personal site for 12.95 the same with my webhost so I can get a fair support. But others are on namecheap.com :slight_smile:

yahoo domains was best for me if you buy it for 5 years it costs 50 $ 10 $ per year instead of 34 $

I’ve looked at namecheap.com and directnic.com. Directnic is a bit expensive though. 15$ a yr for a .com

I’ve only got domains through Godaddy at this point in time. With their coupons, I can register domains for 1.18$ to 5.78$ and renew for like, 7.68$. So it’s not really all that badly priced. I even had a coupon code that gave me a yr of privacy for only like 3-4$ or something.

90% of my domains were bought through GoDaddy. I have never faced any problem so I would suggest you do the same choice. You can also find discount codes around here so you will get cheaper domains.