Where to buy a domain name cheap and secure

I wish I had your advice to buy a domain name. “com” cheap and secure (prevent of domain, …).

I hesitate between name.com, namecheap.com or godaddy.com
What do you recommend between these three choices?

Thank you


Those three are big registrars and I’ve not heard anything bad about their REGISTRATION services (GoDaddy has a horrid reputation as a host).



Thank you for your answer, but I just wanna know which of the three is the best.
And you what do you use as a recorder of domain name that you like?


I use CheekyDomains.com for my .com’s and 1stDomains in NZ for .nz domains.

I’ve never used any of the ones you names but they all have good reputations.



Thank you,
If someone else on this forum knows one of the three recorders domain, you are welcome on this discussion;-)

i am using godaddy in my two websites and I have no problems with them.They are providing me 100% support.

I use namecheap and have no issues with them.

Godaddy have had various controversies surrounding them in recent years that may eliminate them as a choice depending on your political and ethical stance. Godaddy’s control panel is archaic, and their constant bombardment of marketing emails is annoying, I personally wouldn’t rate them as a good choice.

You can try Netfirms. <snip>

I am not sure that the only question should be getting a cheap domain. Another important question is what services do you get with your account.

When you need to do advanced public routing then having good DNS tools is key. Also how easily can you add or change services on your domain? What about support? Even if your very technical sometimes things happen on DNS forwarders or the your external DNS maintainer and if you can’t reach people, or the ones you do reach are incompetent then where is the value in what you are paying for?

I use EasyDNS.com, they don’t use questionable practices, very helpful, excellent services associated with the domain and reasonable pricing.


I only use godaddy when they have sales on as they are expensive to use and as mentioned before they bombard you will so many addons its annoying. I have started using namesilo and find them excellent in price and service. They also provide free privacy settings for your domain unlike godaddy where you have to pay extra.

I’ve used Namecheap in the past and had no issues with them. What’s good about them is that they provide free Whois privacy protection for the first year while GoDaddy charges around $10 for it. You will also find that renewal cost of domains will be more expensive in Godaddy than if you were to go with Namecheap. Don’t forget to search up for coupons before registering, Namecheap always have one each month and could save you a dollar or two.

Out of 3 domain registrars, I think GoDaddy and NameCheap are fierce competitors. I think GoDaddy is very popular thanks to promotional and brading efforts on the Internet and TV. On the other hand, NameCheap is less promoted even though their service is as good as GoDaddy. Truth be told, I don’t know much about Name.com. Therefore, I recommend you to register your domain with either GoDaddy or NameCheap. Personally, I registered <snip> with NameCheap. No problem at all. I am pleased that I chose them.

The domain is not really expensive. The hosting people can be.
I used unlimitedwebhosting and if there is any problem, they are on my case within minutes.
They even do things for free as long as you bought the domain for them.

i would recommend godaddy.com

First Go for GoDaddy.com its best. and cheap also if you can arrange coupon…
and the second option i would suggest is bigrock.in

i have domains with both of these…
and i am very satisfied…

There are some cheap domains out there but I would be weary about the ones that try to promote with coupons. The price will hike right back up to the regular high prices once your first year is done.

[FONT=Verdana]After two months, I expect the OP has managed to buy a domain.

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